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>Snakes on a Plain.

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Memorial Day Weekend found me with my buddy, Big Ron and his two kids.

We were on a Varmint Extermination Mission.

The farmers totally hate the ground squirrels because they are so destructive.
They will usually give permission to responsible parties to eliminate the problem.

On our way there, we saw two snakes on a Plane the road.

Anybody care to identify these specimens?

Big Ron is 7 feet tall and wears a size 14 sandal.

Besides the 2 snakes, we also saw:

A big Mule Deer.

A Pronghorn Antelope.

A thousand Ground Squirrels.

Four Turkeys.

We also panned for gold.

I got 4 little flakes and a couple of Garnets.

That was my weekend…

How are things in your town?

>Bounty Hunters Kill 2 in Wrong House

>Pretty scary.

“Bounty hunters wearing black ski masks and looking for a bail jumper kicked in the front door of a house, held children at gunpoint and shot a young couple to death in a case of mistaken identity, police said.

Three of the bounty hunters were in custody Monday, including one who has been charged with second-degree murder and two hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Police were looking for two others.

Investigators said they did not believe the bail jumper was in the house and might never have lived there.

‘It’s still a mystery why they went to that house,’ said police Sgt. Mike Torres.

Innocent Bystanders:

>The Bee Dude Came


Actually it was Dan, Dan the Honey Man.

Here’s the license plate on his car.

I really thought that all those bees were dead. They were just laying in a big soggy mass after the rain and cold weather.

I poked them around this morning, looking for the queen but I didn’t find her.

Once the sun came out in the afternoon, they all revived.

Dan brought a hive and started putting them inside. Once they got a whiff of the honey, they were easy to convince.

He is going to leave the hive here until tomorrow night when all of the bees will have time to find their way home.

>Bee Swarm on a Pussy Willow


When I came home, I noticed a lot of bees buzzing around my trees.

I sat in the car and watched them for a while.

First they started swarming on the Honey Locust but then they moved over to the Pussy Willow and onto the ground next to it.

It’s raining a little bit and cool so they are just sitting there.

I’m going to call the Animal Control tomorrow to see what to do.

I’m not going to Pay someone to remove it.

I may just have to Nuke it from Orbit.

Just to be sure.

>Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

>Well, are ya Punk?

You can take this test and find out.

How did I do?

Well, I missed 5.

Guess I’m gonna need help with my Homework when my Grandson comes up this summer.

>New Shopping Center Wish List

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We’re getting a pretty nice shopping center about a mile from Camp Geezer.

The only store we’re sure of is Penneys, it’s pretty much completed but there are several other Mystery stores.

We had fun making a Wish List of stores we would Like to see there.
This is not in any sort of order:

Hollywood or Blockbuster Video
Papa Murphys
B. Dalton Bookstore Barnes & Noble
Moxie Java
Auto Zone
Bead Store
Pinera Bread
Souper Salad (That ain’t gonna happen, I wrote to the company and they have no plans to put stores in the Northwest. There are two stores in Vegas, give them a try.)

Some of our favorites, like Subway, are missing from the list because there is already one, close by.

What stores would You add to your wish list?

>Tale of Two Chicks – Christina and Britney

>Just off the top of my head, it seems like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera both started out at about the same popularity level.

Which one do you think has made the most of their talent and image?

This video just knocks my socks off.

YouTube – Christina Aguilera – Hurt

>New Chevy 789


I want one.

Sits on a Corvette C6 chassis.

Front styled like a 57 Chevy.

Side like a 58.

Rear like a 59.

Hence the designation “789”.

This is built by N2A motors (No Two Alike).

Cost $40,000 over cost of new C6 (MSRP $44,000).

The company is planning a production run of about 100 vehicles.

>Spray Painted Dog

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“MAY 3–Police are seeking the vandals who spray-painted the words ‘Go Home’ on a Samoan Shepherd who enjoys wandering, unleashed, though its Idaho neighborhood.”

Loose Dog Told Where To Go

H/T Patty Ann

>Universal Pet

>Who doesn’t like puppies?

Who doesn’t like kitties?

Got friends coming over who are allergic to cats?
Just change it to a Golden Retriever.
It’s the PupKitty