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>Mrs. Geezer Cut my Tongue


Mrs. Geezer cut my tongue …of my trailer.

With a Welding Torch.

Bud the Neighbor helped.

The horses watched.

We’re going to use the steel I-Beams for loading ramps to drive cars onto our flatbed trailer.

>Rita Book and the Powerful Shotgun Loads

>It’s my granddaughter, Rita Book, shooting in a practice match before the Idaho State SASS Cowboy Championship.
She made a mistake by putting empty shotgun hulls back in her ammo belt instead of live rounds. It’s pretty understandable considering she only had about 4 hours of training and practice and this is her first match
She is shooting .38 caliber rifle and pistols and a 12ga pump shotgun.

Here’s what to look for in this video:
After shooting her rifle, she puts an empty shotgun shell in the shotgun.
She figures out right away that this isn’t going to work.
I hand her 3 low-recoil shells which she shoots and knocks down the steel targets.
The person with the timer hands her one of his powerful blue shotgun shells.
She shoots it and the recoil pushes her out of the frame.
Watch her ‘bobble head’ expression when she comes back to get another hot load.
Note that she remembers to get into an ‘agressive stance before shooting the next shots.

>They’re Gone

We’re already planning more stuff to do next year when they come back.

Scroll down to see some of the things we did this year.

>Chicken Checking

Rita attempts to put her hand under a puffed-up hen.

She has been sitting on a dozen eggs for a couple of weeks.

>Pre-Geezer and the Pony

Well, it’s not *really* a pony, it’s a colt.

Mini Peabody was like the Pied Piper with the horses, especially the babies. They all followed him around like he had a pocket full of carrots.

>Idaho SASS Top Gun Championship


Sunday was the man-on-man Top Gun Shootout. The kids weren’t sure they wanted to enter because of the pressure of shooting in front of so many people but they finally decided to give it a try.
Mini Peabody worked his way through the eliminations and was finally eliminated in the last round.

Rita Book won the Junior Girls Top Gun and then shot against the Junior Boy’s champion. It was a very exciting match-up. They were running almost shot-for-shot until the final target. He hit it a split second before she did but she was shooting heavier loads and knocked it down first.
She is the Idaho State Junior Top Gun Champion.

Just for fun, they had Rita shoot against the Men’s Top Gun winner, Shalako Tucker. The dilemma was how to make it fair and exciting. They decided to run it the same way but with Rita shooting half the targets. It must have been the right decision because this match also came right down to the wire but they both missed one target.

Bottom line is that my grandkids had a great time with their first shooting experience, and SASS (and the love of our western heritage) gained 2 new members! They both want to come back next year and shoot the Idaho State Championship again.

See you there.

>Biking in Boise


Boise is a very bike-friendly city.

One day we took an eleven mile bike ride along the Greenbelt

We rode alongside of the Boise River.

We didn’t have to go on any streets.

We crossed over the river a few times.

We crossed this bridge just in time for some thrilling entertainment.

I wouldn’t attempt to jump off the lower level.

>Geocaching with Grandma

We taught the kids how to Geocache the last time they were here.

Here’s one of the clever ways to hide the cache:

Hollow out a limb, put a plastic bottle in it and hide it in a hollow tree.

Next year they want to hide their own Geocache.

>Floating the Boise River


No vacation at the Geezer Homestead is complete without at least one float-trip down the Boise River.

The trip takes about 2 hours.

You get on the shuttle bus when you’re done and pay $2 to go back to the top.

Wear a Big Hat and take your Sunscreen.

Here’s the Floating Link:

>Cutting Metal with Fire


We didn’t think the kids would have an opportunity to learn how to use a Plasma Cutter back home in California.

I attempted to fill that need.

>Stained Glass Stepping Stones


Mrs. Geezer helped the grandkids make Stepping Stones out of concrete and stained glass.

We get to keep them here in the Enchanted Garden.

>We’re Not That Big


This series of pictures puts that whole
“Size Matters” thing
into perspective.

Doesn’t it?

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky.

H/T Kelso.

>Garfield Ridge Quits

>Garfield Ridge: Garfield Ridge Is No More.

I started Garfield Ridge back in September 2004, nearly two years ago. At first, I wrote about things that I cared about. I needed a venue where I could vent and rage, joke and needle, a place I could form my thoughts in the harsh light of (semi-)public scrutiny. I used Garfield Ridge like a crazy person uses the bus terminal. It was therapy by electrons.

I’ll miss Dave.
UPDATE: He couldn’t take it… He’s back and we’re glad.

>Calvin’s Dad Explains Science

>RF Cafe – Calvin’s Dad’s Explanations of Scientific Phenomena:

Calvin: How do bank machines work?
Dad: Well, let’s say you want 25 dollars. You punch in the amount and behind the machine there’s a guy with a printing press who makes the money and sticks it out this slot.
Calvin: Sort of like the guy who lives up in our garage and opens the door?
Dad: Exactly.

H/T Pupster.

>Pre-Geezers Win at Idaho State Championship


My grandkids came up to Idaho from California for a two-week visit. It just so happened that the Idaho State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship was being held at the same time.

We thought it would be fun to see if we could teach them enough about Gun Safety in 2 days to be safe enough to enter them in the match.

First we went to the range and had them shoot a .22 single-shot rifle. They quickly mastered that so we moved them up to lever-action rifles, single-action pistols and .12 gauge pump shotguns.
Once we were sure they would be safe, we signed them up for the match and with the Single Action Shooting Society. They each had to choose an Alias or Cowboy Name.

Some of you know that my Alias is Doc Peabody, they wanted to have similar names. The granddaughter wanted Sweet Peabody but that was already taken so she went a different direction and chose the name “Rita Book”. (Read a Book).
My grandson chose “Mini Peabody” and surprisingly enough, that was available.

The match was well organized, as usual, and a heck of a lot of fun. It consisted of 12 stages, 6 on each day. Total rounds were about 120 pistol, 120 rifle and 50 shotgun.

When the gun smoke had cleared Rita Book had won 3rd place in the Junior Girls division and Mini Peabody had won 2nd place in the Buckaroo division.
Mrs. Geezer aka Hanna Oakley won 3rd place in the Ladies Modern division.
Me? … Well let’s just say I need more practice.

>Posse 6

>This is our Posse for the Idaho State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship in Boise.

The pre-Geezers are on the left, in front of Big Ron, my 7′ tall friend and Hanna Oakley (Mrs. Geezer).

John Bear (the match director) is on the right.

The number 3 shooter in the world, Wogg and Shameless Sonora are hidden by my hat.

The Grandkids finished less than a second apart for 6 stages, amazing.

>Sudden Windstorm


We had a sudden Windstorm at the Geezer Homestead.

We noticed a dust cloud on the western horizon.

Five minutes later it hit.

Winds were gusting up to 55 mph.

So much for the nice shade Gazebo.

>Idaho State Championship SASS

The pre-Geezers did well in the practice match.

They only missed a couple of targets apiece out of about 120 shots, so we are all going to enter the Idaho State Championship SASS match.

Wish us luck.

>Take Me to the River

We were going to try to go to Roaring Springs but it’s about $120 with admission and snacks.

We went to the river instead.

>Danger – Wasp Nest

Here’s a wasp nest inside one of the pieces of equipment parked at the Geezer Homestead.

I squirted it once with Hornet Spray but it doesn’t seem to have harmed them too much.