>Tale of Two Chicks – Christina and Britney

>Just off the top of my head, it seems like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera both started out at about the same popularity level.

Which one do you think has made the most of their talent and image?

This video just knocks my socks off.

YouTube – Christina Aguilera – Hurt


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  1. >The video is a serious piece of entertainment with a serious star i9n it.Brittney Spears has about the same star quality as a worn-out sock.

  2. >Can’t look upon Britney as a Star, at all.And can’t watch the video due to a computer problem :-((( hug ))

  3. >Just browsing, very interesting.

  4. >The guy in the video sure looks a lot like Ed Harris.Or is it just me?

  5. >I’ve always thought Christina Aguilera has an incredible voice. Sometimes she acts and dresses like a tramp, but she can sing.This is a beautiful song and a very sad video. Makes me want to hug my little girl right now.Thanks Geez. Probably wouldn’t have seen this if not for you.Don’t see the Ed Harris thing.

  6. >To bad I can’t see it :-(Maybe You can mail it to me for later!(( hugs ))

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