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>Bird Whispering in Idaho

I thought you would like an update on the Magpie nest in our pine tree.

Two baby Magpies hatched but Mrs. G discovered one had died. She showed me where the live one was sitting on a pile of firewood.
An hour later I walked by and it was still sitting there.

Saint Francis of Assisi, I’m not, but I *have* coaxed birds into landing on me… many times.

I make a little “peep peep peep” sound and they don’t seem so afraid. It’s the Universal Language that says, “I’m a baby, don’t hurt me”.

I walked slowly over and picked the little guy up. I cupped him in my hands, while making my Bird Whisperer noise. He snuggled in and closed his eyes.

His mama and daddy were not too happy about our bonding. “Squawk squawk squawk squawk” *pause* “Squawk squawk squawk squawk”.

I wanted to put him back into the nest, away from the feral cat who patrols our yard for mice, but I wanted to get a picture of him to show y’all. I couldn’t get my phone out of my pocket but I was able to use my Bluetooth earpiece to voice-dial Mrs. Geezer and tell her to bring the camera.

She was able to get one of the wild bunnies in the photo.

You might also like to see a picture of the time I coaxed a Dragonfly into landing on my finger.

>Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever


Well… Mrs. Geezer was thrilled with it.

It might be the most unique M.D. gift also.

How many Senior Citizens do you know, that got a Plasma Cutter for Mothers Day?

Now she can make her own Yard Art.

Added Bonus: if they ever do a remake of the Oscar-Winning movie, Flashdance, she’ll be ready.

>World’s Best Crimefighting Dog


What’s the best crimefighting dog of all time?
Snoopy the Beagle in Peanuts.
Moses, Dave’s Beagle in Texas.
Road Warrior’s Blue Heeler.
Lauraw’s Blue Heeler.
Fluffy, Bruce Wayne’s Shii Tzu.
Rin Tin Tin.
Free polls from

>Silent Library

>This is the funniest video I’ve seen on INTERNET in a long time.

Apparently it’s a Japanese TV show called Silent Library.

The rules: No Laughing, it *is* the Library, after all.

>Haircut of the Year

I could do this.

But I lack the necessary, er, material.

H/T Kelso the Skydiving Realtor.

>The Cherry Tree Lives!


A while back I posted about Rabbits, eating the bark around the trunk of my Cherry Tree.

I had always been told that if the bark is ‘Girdled’, the tree is doomed.

Well, it must be a miracle because the tree seems to be doing fine.

It might still die, but we got to enjoy the blossoms and leaves this spring.

>Finding the Elusive 710

A blonde goes in to a Auto parts store and asked for a seven-hundred-ten.
They all looked at each other, and the clerk asked, “What is a

She replied, “You know, the little piece in the middle of The engine.
I lost it and need a new one. It had always been there.”

The mechanic gave the woman a piece of paper and a pen and Asked her
to draw what the piece looked like. She drew a circle and in the middle
of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had the hood up
and asked, “Is there a 710 on this car?” She pointed and said, “Of
course, it’s right there.”

>Sad Childhood

Here’s a picture I just found of my good friend, David Taylor, who lives in Henderson, Nevada.

He’s over 60 now.

Anybody who knows him will understand how his Sad Childhood affected him deeply.

UPDATE: I’ve changed Dave from Florida’s link into a clickable one

>The Last Foal


Frisbee, the last of the three pregnant mares, gave birth to a little foal today.

She’s another Pinto.

Mrs. Geezer says she is really petite.

She can walk right under her mama while standing up.

>Clean Living


>New Road Sign

With all the taxes in California, I’m thinking this sign was first seen there.

>Fido Puzzle

>It’s kind of a magic trick.
I can’t figure it out.

Fido Puzzle

>Baby Horse Shot


Penicillin shot, to be exact.

Bandit, the neighbor’s new foal has developed a snotty nose.

The neighbor and Mrs. G don’t do injections.

She catches the horses and mellows them out and I do the dirty deed.

Penicillin is a thick, chalky substance.

The needle needs to be big so the fluid will flow through the tip.

Needless to say, the mama doesn’t like the procedure.

It can be dangerous if the baby gets too wild. The mama can drop you with one kick.

Even the baby can hurt you pretty bad with it’s hard pointy feet.

We completed the task with a minimum of hurt feelings.

Not too bad for a couple of City Slickers from Las Vegas.

>Scary Snake part 2


The Neighbors killed a Bullsnake on their front porch.

It looks to be about 4 feet long.

They are kind of aggressive, they will coil up and hiss and try to strike at you.

They’re not poisonous, but they will bite you.

>God’s Billboard

Sorry I’ve been too busy working to blog lately.

Heck, I’ve been too busy to even read my favorite blogs except for Innocent Bystanders, which always makes me laugh.

In leiu of actual content, which requires energy and time to write, here’s a billboard that someone emailed to me.

>Make Your Own Movie Clip

>Dave at Garfield Ridge has discovered something that will be sweeping INTERNET soon.

It’s a site where you can make your own Movie Clip.

It might help to read this first.

Here’s my First Attempt.

>Flora the Foil Ball

It’s Flora the Foil Ball wearing a cap at the Blogger’s Dinner at Flying Pie Pizzeria.

Flora weighs over 175 pounds and has her own Blog.

Who looks better with the cap, Enas or Flora?

Who looks Smarter?

>Enas in Vegas

Here’s a shot of Enas Yorl, wearing the cap he won by being my 50,000th visitor. Actually it was so close that I gave the 3 closest visitors all prizes.

He’s standing in front of the soon-to-be-demolished Stardust Hotel.

I’ve got some sweet memories of playing the harmonica on stage with Ricky and the Redstreaks, in front of 2000 drunk cowboys during NFR.

>Boise Blogger’s Dinner

>I’m going to the Boise Blogger’s Dinner tonight.

Details Here.

>Mrs. Geezer’s Big Fruit Basket

Our son sent her a Big Gift Basket for Mother’s Day.

She used to work at a florist in Las Vegas.

One of her jobs was making the Fruit and Goodie Baskets.

She was very impressed with the one she received.

So here’s a free plug for Vintage Floral in Nampa, Idaho.

The people at Vintage Floral know us as “The place with all the wild bunny rabbits”.

Tomorrow I will tell you about *my* Mothers Day gift to her. It’s the perfect gift for a Senior Citizen Lady Geezer.
At least I thought so.