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>Hillary Blows It


“This is all you need to know about tonight’s debate. Hillary Clinton, blew it. Big Time. It happened late in the debate, and I have no idea how many people stuck around to watch it. But, take my word for it, it is going to be a regularly repeating ad run by the GOP all summer long.”

The Most Important 2 minutes of the Democratic Debate:

>Erupting Comet Holmes


Here’s a cool shot from the Astronomy Picture of the Day:

“Explanation: What’s happened to Comet Holmes? A normally docile comet discovered over 100 years ago, Comet 17P/Holmes suddenly became nearly one million times brighter last week, possibly over just a few hours. In astronomical terms, the comet brightened from magnitude 17, only visible through a good telescope, to magnitude 3, becoming visible with the unaided eye.”

I searched for Comets and found that they are the Bad Boys of Astronomy.
They have been blamed for everything from the Demise of the Dinosaurs, War, Pestilence and Fall of Nations to the last Ice Age.

On the Bright Side, some people believe that a Comet was actually The Star of Bethlehem.
A Telescopic View of Erupting Comet Holmes

UPDATE: It’s getting Brighter.

>The Anti-Narnia

Claim: The 2007 film The Golden Compass is based on a series of books with anti-religious themes.

Status: True. “

>Dems Out Whistleblowers

>Looks like those people who trusted the Democrats to keep their identity secret were disappointed.

House Panel Screw-Up Reveals Whistleblower Email Addresses:

>Students Sport Holsters on Campus

>Students Strap On Empty Holsters to Protest Gun Restrictions on Campus:

>Hawks on a Pole

>While standing at the kitchen window, fixing my coffee, I could see that there was going to be an award-winning sunrise. I grabbed the tripod and went out to capture the moment.

I could see the pair of red-tailed hawks on the closest pole so I took a picture of them.

click for photo

The next time I looked, one of them had flown to the next pole to the south.
Doesn’t this picture remind you of that movie The 300 ?

click for photo

Here comes the sun.

click for photo

Click on the photos to make them bigger.

>Rabid Bat in Nampa


“Health officials were trying to track down the owner of a rabid bat, when Eric Griffith recognized his animal. “Here I see my bat on TV so I figure I better call somebody,” Griffith said. Griffith called NewsChannel 7, and we put him in touch with Southwest District Health officials, who told him he had a 10-day window to get a rabies shot. Griffith noticed his cat playing with the bat this weekend and left the bat in a coffee can in front of the Idaho Fish and Game office in Nampa. After determining the bat was rabid, health officials were hoping to find who left the bat so they could get shots right away – and that’s exactly what Griffith and his wife did.”

Man recognizes rabid bat on News:

>Spammers Sentenced to Slammer

>Two Men Sentenced to Five Years for Sending Pornographic Spam:

>Man Gored to Death by Deer

>click for photo
click for photo

You know what they say about Wild Animals. Don’t trust them.
Just ask Seigfried and Roy.

How many people are killed each year by Deer?

About 150 people, but most of those deaths happen when deer are involved in collisions with automobiles.

Since I don’t have a picture of a deer goring anybody, I’ll post this one of a deer that went through the windshield of a Dodge Durango.

BTW, the man in the Durango was not hurt seriously. – Georgia Man Gored to Death by Deer:

>God’s Screen Saver


This is the view out the upper window in the camper shell, where we slept on our recent Elk Hunting trip.

As we watched the frost melt, the drops would combine and run down toward the bottom.

it looked like a screensaver.

If we forgot to open the windows, our breath would form condensation on the inside and ‘rain’ on our heads.

Here’s a view out the frosty side window.

>Latrine Duty

>In a scene from Dumb and Dumber, Geezer entertains the troops on a recent Elk Hunting trip.

Isn’t it some sort of Fashion Faux Pax to wear 4 different kinds of Camo?



Seclusion 3D…

US Army…

Just sayin’.