>The Bee Dude Came


Actually it was Dan, Dan the Honey Man.

Here’s the license plate on his car.

I really thought that all those bees were dead. They were just laying in a big soggy mass after the rain and cold weather.

I poked them around this morning, looking for the queen but I didn’t find her.

Once the sun came out in the afternoon, they all revived.

Dan brought a hive and started putting them inside. Once they got a whiff of the honey, they were easy to convince.

He is going to leave the hive here until tomorrow night when all of the bees will have time to find their way home.

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  1. >There is still time to fire bomb them.Bees are eevil!

  2. >We had a swarm take up residence under the floorboards of the upstairs bathroom, some years ago. That was fun. There was a state bee guy who came out and took care of it for us.

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