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>Killer Bug Attacks Nose

>Aw, it’s just a little Praying Mantis.
You can see Mrs. Geezer’s version here.

>English-Only Rule in Idaho

>Canyon County passes English-Only rule.
“…The resolution recognizes English as, quote: “the established language of business, commerce and everyday life in Canyon County, Idaho.” It requires that government brochures, signs, official notices and the like be only in English. Its author, commissioner Robert Vasquez, says the goal is to shield the county from litigation that could arise from a faulty translation…”

English Only in Idaho

>Global Warming Proof


>Stones Singing in Idaho

>KTVB.COM | Boise Idaho News, Weather, Sports & Traffic | Local News:

“It’s official — the top grossing concert tour, known for selling out huge stadiums, is coming to Nampa, Idaho. The Rolling Stones will bring their act to the Idaho Center this fall.

>More Sunset Photos


Hey, if you don’t have time to write anything, post a picture of a great sunset.

I like the birds in the top photo.
They are heading home to Lake Lowell.

The bottom photo was taken after the top one.
I just drove up on top of the hill so I could see the sun better.

Normally I prefer silhouettes but I like the fact that you can see the green of the crops, don’t you?

>Sunset Alert July


I was standing in a friend’s driveway when I noticed this sunset starting to happen.

This is the wide shot.

I zoomed in for a different look.

I swung around and got another house.

Notice the street sign glowing.

I always use a flash when taking photos of sunsets.

It seems to help the contrast.

Your mileage may vary.

>Jay Leno and the Pilot

>My son, Flyin’ Brian, used to fly the Life-Flight helicopter for CALSTAR at Lake Tahoe. He got to meet Jay Leno when he flew in for a show at Harrahs.

Here’s Flyin’ Brian’s Website.

>New Photo Policy

>In consideration for Elzbth and the World’s Greatest Vet and any other poor saps unfortunate people who only have dial-up, I have decided to make all my photos smaller so that they load faster.

Thanks to Michael at Innocent Bystanders for that helpful suggestion.

>Vet Visit


We’ve been encouraging the two young horses to go in and out of the trailer by throwing hay inside for them.

When we turn them loose in that part of the pen, they run and jump inside.
Mrs. Geezer calls it the Candy Store.

Notice Peaches making the ‘Don’t hurt me I’m a Baby’ mouth gesture.

We had no trouble loading both of them for a trip to Idaho’s Coolest Vet.
I only say that because he actually reads this blog occasionally.

Mrs. G is training Hunter to go in and out of the Stocks.

He looks a little apprehensive at first but with a little patience he walked in and backed out about 10 times with hardly any effort.

>Hanging the Owl House

I’ve been meaning to hang a birdhouse on the power pole for months.

I finally got around to doing it.

I hope some owls come and live in the box and eat vast quantities of Gophers.

You can see it in the top photo also.

I think I cut the entry hole too big.

I hung it about 8′ off the ground so the horses and cows don’t mess with it.

>Idiot Runs Traffic Signal

>Here’s a little Quick Time video I guarantee you will watch more than once.

Idiot runs traffic signal.

Anybody know any more about this clip?

H/T Kelso.

>Night Rider


Tonight when I came home, Mrs. Geezer was waiting for me on the dirt road that leads to our house.

She was astride “Bree”, without benefit of a saddle.

She rode her over to the fence to socialize with the neighbor’s four horses.

When I was picking out the pictures to post, she said “I bet Michael says something about the Stallion looking at Bree’s rear end.

>View From the Barn Roof


Here comes Mrs. Geezer back from feeding the neighbor’s horses.

I’m up on the Bud Barn, waiting for the fireworks to start.

Notice the neighbor’s field has a fire break cut around the perimeter.

(These pictures were taken on the 4th of July)

She’s blowing me a kiss as she drives by.

She’s got her Super Stick to keep the horses in line.

Here’s one of the pictures of the great sunset.

When it got dark, we had fireworks all around us.

Quite entertaining.

>Handblogging ~ The Final Countdown


There is quite a lot of Handblogging going on over at Innocent Bystanders.
I posted a few photos of the IB crew.

“Full Disclosure:

These photographs are those of Paid Professional Hand Models.

Kids, Please Don’t Try This at Home…”

Innocent Bystanders � Handblogging ~ The Final Countdown:

>So I Found This Owl

It’s just a little Visual Joke for the Innocent Bystanders and the Ace of Spades crowd.
It’s supposed to be a visual joke on one of the commenters named, Spurwing Plover.

I stopped for gas and noticed a Plastic Owl sitting next to the pump. I go inside and ask the attendant, “What’s with the Owl?”.
“What Owl?” he replied.
“There’s an owl out there by the pump, I’m going to take it if it’s not yours”.
“Be my guest”.

After taking the picture, I brought the owl home and tied it in the tree.
It should scare the crap out of Mrs. Geezer.
Don’t worry, she never reads this blog.

>High Street Band


The God and Country Rally was held recently at the Idaho Center in Nampa.
Point of Grace was the Headliner.

One of the other groups was the High Street Band. They put on a great show as usual but I missed their version of Santana’s song Smooth.

Here’s a review of another performance by the band.

High Street Band website.

The guy in the Yellow Suit is the Mayor of Nampa, Tom Dale.

>Wind Damage

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

We had a heck of a windstorm the other day.

Here’s a shot of a corrugated tin roof that got wrapped around a telephone pole.

It used to be part of the roof on the Barn in the back.

I’ll bet it was pretty exciting for the people driving by when it happened.

>I Hate Fireworks

>I love the 4th of July holiday.
I even have the Martina McBride song, Independence Day, as a ringtone on my phone.

But I hate Fireworks in the hands of Amateurs.

I have lost property, including a car, to Safe and Sane Fireworks.

You can buy semi-professional stuff in my county in Idaho. You know, the kind of stuff that shoots up in the air and explodes.
Mrs. Geezer was once hit in the shoulder by a ‘Mortar’.
We were at the neighbors to see their fireworks display.
The teenagers lit one of these beauties and it tipped over and aimed at all of us sitting in the driveway in lawn chairs. Pretty much like the commercial I saw recently on TV.
It went off and shot the exploding part at us. It hit Mrs. Geezer in the shoulder, bounced off and exploded, setting the blankets on fire.

We don’t go to any more neighborhood fireworks shows.

The picture shows the neighbor pulling a disker with his tractor. He’s cutting a fire break around his 100 acre field. You can see that he has already graded a smooth area around the fence line.

>Trailer Training MY Horse


DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional horse trainer.
Don’t try this yourself.

Here’s a series of pictures that show how easy it was for me to get a horse into a trailer.

In the first photo, you can see my device that keeps the trailer tongue from flying up in the air when the horse puts his weight into the back of the trailer.

I dug a 3′ deep hole in the ground, hung a heavy chain into the hole and filled it up with 3 bags of post mix. That’s about 150 pounds.
After the cement had hardened, I hooked up a Quick Link and ring.
I ran the safety chains from the trailer through the ring and hooked them over the tongue.
It’s hidden by the plastic garbage can I use to keep them from eating the wires.

Horses don’t like enclosed places. They are prey animals and want to be able to flee.

Full Disclosure:
Hunter, the gelding has ridden in the trailer a couple of times.

Peaches, the pinto filly has never been inside a trailer.

I started coaxing him into the trailer with some hay.

He pawed the floor mat about 30 times, sniffed and snorted then put his weight on one foot.

He finally decided it was safe enough to come in and eat the hay.

Peaches saw that nothing bad happened to Hunter so she put her front feet inside.

Pretty soon she was inside with him.

We didn’t let the lead mare in with them because she would chase them out and maybe cause them to get hurt.

Total elapsed time to get Peaches in the trailer was about 15 minutes.
Now she jumps in there whenever you open the door.

CAUTION: You should never try this on your own without professional help.

For entertainment purposes only.

>Windows "kill switch"

>� Is Microsoft about to release a Windows “kill switch”? | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

“Two weeks ago, I wrote about my serious objections to Microsoft’s latest salvo in the war against unauthorized copies of Windows. Two Windows Genuine Advantage components are being pushed onto users’ machines with insufficient notification and inadequate quality control, and the result is a big mess. (For details, see Microsoft presses the Stupid button.)…”