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>Encounter with God

>Heavy Stuff. Worth reading.

“So here I am, at home, at 2 AM. It’s dark. It’s finally quiet. No more cops interviewing my sister after she’s caught skipping school with my pal. No more of my Dad, who showed up for this at least, asking if it can be considered statutory rape and making inane threats about killing said friend. Whatever, dad. You weren’t there for the preventive measures before hand, it’s a little late now. No more histrionics from my sister over her ‘Romeo and Juliet’ attachment. No more lamentations from my mother on how she failed as a mother. Bullshit, my sister is a free willed person who didn’t listen to anyone back then. Hmm, did I say ‘back then.’ That’s another story. No more phone calls from ex-friends wondering what is going on so they can go back and tell the guilty party whether or not he’s screwed.
It’s quiet and I’m alone. Dead alone.”

Read the whole thing.

H/T Compos Mentis.

>Winter Might be Here


Flyin’ Brian is home now.
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We now return you to your
regular scheduled programming.

The battery in my truck was dead when I tried to start it yesterday.
This is not surprising since I haven’t driven it in 3 weeks.

I hooked up the charger and left it on overnight. I had to leave the hood slightly up because the charger was in the way. That night it rained and snowed a little.
Here’s a Mystery to be solved:

The next morning the battery was charged so I removed the charger and tried to close the hood.
It wouldn’t close.
I looked underneath to see if something was blocking it but I couldn’t see anything.
After about 10 minutes of bewilderment I noticed that the Foam Pads at the back of the hood were very hard.
The temperature was about 29 degrees.
Apparently the foam pads absorbed a lot of water and expanded when it rained.
When the temperature dropped, the water in the foam turned to ice.
Once I realized this, I tried using the engine heat to melt the ice but it didn’t work.
My only solution was to sneak Mrs. Geezer’s hair dryer out of the house and heat the pads.
It took a while but gradually I was able to squeeze out trickles of water.

What I’ve learned:
Don’t leave the hood open when it might rain and freeze.
I guess if the hood was closed when pads absorbed water, they wouldn’t expand enough to affect the clearance.
It’s a good thing I didn’t Slam the hood, it would have bent something.

>Flyin’ Brian is Heading Home.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Brian should be home tonight.

I got up this morning and saw this sunrise.

It pretty much matched my mood.

Do you see the Wildlife in this picture?

It’s a Red Tailed Hawk.

>Best Thanksgiving Ever

There should be TWO photos here.
Hit refresh if you don’t see both of them.

Flyin’ Brian’s all-girl crew:
Mrs. Geezer, Stephanie his Fiance and Jennifer his Adopted Sister.

Hospital cafeteria food might not be your idea of a great meal but it was just fine with us.

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Sad news about the missing girl.

>Prayers Needed

Our son was in a helicopter crash today while on a Search and Rescue mission.

Please pray for him, Brian Grayson, and Kevin Orr, the Officer who was with him.
Update: Sadly, Kevin Orr has died from his injuries. Please pray for his wife and 4 children.

Click for Details.

Video Link.

Updates at Innocent Bystanders.

Flyin’ Brian’s Website.

>Two Types of Yoga

Ancient Yogis used logs of wood, stone and ropes to help them practice asanas.

Our brothers from Ireland have their own special props.

>Sleigh Ride


We took a sleigh ride last winter.

They take you right into the middle of a big herd of Elk.

It was very interesting because the Elk come right up to the sled and eat the hay bales that you sit on.

Kind of scary in a way because some of those bulls have Big Pointy Antlers that swing pretty close to your head.

>Mrs. Geezer Wins Staring Contest

Who blinked first?

>Funniest Thing I Ever Read on the Internet.

Mrs. Geezer and I were wiping tears from our eyes from laughing so much after reading this story:

It was written by my Pretend Internet Friend, Compos Mentis.

** Sorry to say, it was deleted.**

>Idaho Art Prodigy – Akiane

>click to see photo
click to see photo

“People across the world are willing to pay millions of dollars for the profound paintings of a 12-year-old Idaho girl.

Now, those internationally recognized paintings are on display in Boise.

At first glimpse, Akiane Kramarik looks just like any other 12-year-old.

“She’s a girl with braces who likes many things that other girls like,” Akiane’s mother Foreli said.

She painted this picture of Jesus when she was 8 years old.

But unlike most girls her age, Akiane is up at four each morning, so she can devout at least 5 hours to a gift – a gift that has led many to call her a prodigy.

Here’s her Website.

Her story on KTVB.COM :

>Good Intentions ~ Bad Ending


It was a case of Unintended Consequences.

We thought we would give the horses a treat by turning them out in the neighbor’s 10 acre pasture for a few days. They could run, frolic, kick up their heels and eat real grass.

We should have known better.

When we went down the next day, Bree, the lead mare could hardly walk. It took 20 minutes to get her back to Camp Geezer, normally a 5 minute trip.

We thought she just sprained a muscle and would get over it with a little rest.

After a week with little improvement, we decided to call The Vet.

We’re fortunate that our vet is a former Farrier. He knows his way around a horse’s drivetrain.

He discovered a small cut on the bottom of her hoof. It was all but invisible until he started trimming and digging the material away from the injury site, then we could see it.

Think Root Canal.

The treatment he prescribed is a Wet Boot filled with Epsom Salts for 12 hours, then a Dry Boot for the same period.

Mrs. Geezer and I are getting pretty good at changing it. Teamwork.

We decided to use the trailer because it is dry inside.

In the second picture you can see the injury site near the point of the V and slightly below. It looks like a tiny red strawberry. The Epsom Salts are drawing out the infection.

The hoof is discolored because I squirted Iodine on it.

The Duct Tape around the top of the boot is to keep dirt out.

The treatment is working, she’s walking better and the infection is clearing up.

If you need a good Horse Vet with a sense of humor, I recommend Dr. David Hayes.

>Idaho Town Urges Residents to Arm Themselves


“In Greenleaf, Idaho, city leaders are forward-thinking people who know that emergencies can happen without a moment’s notice, and they want to be prepared. Steven G. Jett, a Greenleaf city councilman, decided to take steps to prepare for such an emergency. He put together a proposed ordinance to add to the Greenleaf City Code. Jett proposes that Section 2, Chapter 6, Subsection 2 of the code be rewritten with the heading, ‘Heads of households to maintain firearms.’ The proposal goes on to say, ‘In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, it is recommended that every head of household residing in the city limits maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore, and obtain appropriate training relating to proper, safe and lawful handling of firearms.’

Idaho Town Urges Residents to Arm Themselves

>The Cats Eye Nebula

From the Astronomy Picture of the Day: (Click photo for bigger image)

“Three thousand light-years away, a dying star throws off shells of glowing gas. This image from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals the Cat’s Eye Nebula to be one of the most complex planetary nebulae known. In fact, the features seen in the Cat’s Eye are so complex that astronomers suspect the bright central object may actually be a binary star system.”

Click for more links and explanation:

>Amazing Music Video

>Done by a guy who can neither play drums or piano.
In Real Time, that is.
He does pretty good in the Editing department.

“We’ll Fix It In The Mix”… Words to live by.

Here’s another pretty good one.

>Teen Faces 3 Years Jail for WiFi Hitching.

>Dude, they don’t mess around in Singapore.

“A Singapore teenager has been charged with tapping into someone else’s wireless Internet connection, a crime that carries a penalty of up to three years in jail, a newspaper reported Saturday…”

It cost him $3,855, just for Bail!

Singapore teen faces 3 years’ jail for tapping into another’s wireless Internet

H/T Slashdot

>Hand Feeding Hummingbirds

I thought this was photoshopped when I first saw it.
It’s real.

“On September 14, 2006 my wife Abigail decided she’d like to ‘touch’ one of the 20 or 30 hummingbirds that were swarming around our feeder at the peak of their migration. With patience and determination she accomplished her goal. I am her husband Sam, and I shot the photos of her hand-feeding hummingbirds in our yard here in near Franklinton, Louisiana.”

Hand Feeding Hummingbirds by The Hummingbird Lady:

>Scariest Tech of 2006

>Here’s twelve of the worst tech ideas for this year:

Starting with Amazon’s Movie Download service:

“It’s slower than a trip to Blockbuster, more expensive than buying the physical DVD, absurdly restrictive on how the consumer uses the movie he or she pays for, delivers lower resolution than a DVD, and requires running a cable from the PC to the TV if you want to watch the movie on something larger than a PC monitor.”

Reefer Recording Madness and Blu-ray v HD-DVD.

…Or you can spend $500 to $2,000 for a high-definition DVD player – Blu-ray or HD-DVD, one of which might be obsolete in a year or two – and take your pick of a few dozen movies available for that particular hi-def format.

Read it All:

>Climate chaos? Don’t believe it

You knew it all along.

“…Last week, Gordon Brown and his chief economist both said global warming was the worst ‘market failure’ ever. That loaded soundbite suggests that the ‘climate-change’ scare is less about saving the planet than, in Jacques Chirac’s chilling phrase, ‘creating world government’.

I’m thinking this will be the whole “DDT ~ Silent Spring” fiasco.
Malaria was on the verge of being wiped out until DDT was outlawed.
All the people who died since then can blame… someone.

Welcome Ace readers.
Climate chaos? Don’t believe it

UPDATE: Here’s the second article.

>Frosty Morning


I took Mrs. Geezer up to the mountains last night because today was the last day of Deer Season.

We woke up to some pretty images.

The ATV seat was covered with Hoarfrost.

The keyswitch had a little also.

It started to snow so we decided to head for home. Here’s one of the smaller mud puddles we encountered before we got on the pavement.

>Frozen Sprinkler Manifold

I have a good customer that moved here from a warmer climate.

I told him 3 weeks ago that he should have his sprinks blown out but the weather was beautiful and he wanted to keep his water on a little bit longer.

He went out of town for a few days. While he was gone, we had 3 days in a row where the temperature dropped below 20 degrees at night. He came home to a flood.

He called me and I went over there yesterday. His manifold was all cracked and split. I was unable to get any air through the lines because there was still ice in them. The best I could do was cut all the poly lines to his stations so that the ice might melt and run out on it’s own.
I might be able to rig up an adaptor for the individual lines but the major damage has already been done.