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>Horsey Trip


click for photo We were really looking forward to the first horse ride of the year.

This is what the parking area looked like when we arrived.

Looks like a lot of people wanted to go riding.

click for photo Here’s Robert, our Farrier. He’s riding Annie, his 30 year-old, 17- hand Molly Mule.

She is huge.

I call her “Treebeard”.

click for photo Here’s a group shot before we started the ride.

Robert is going to Pony Hunter. That means he’s going to pull him behind Annie.

Hunter is wearing a Decker Pack Saddle.

click for photo This is the Horse Gate, it is supposed to keep out ATV’s.

None of our steeds have been through it before.

click for photo Mrs. Geezer decided it would be better to lead her mare through the gate.

Good Idea.

click for photo It started to rain about 40 minutes into the ride. Good thing Mrs. Geezer packed our Aussie Drover Coats, they’re made out of oilskin.

Yeah, I’m wearing a Thud-Guard. I’ve been bucked off before.

click for photo Can you see how windy it is? Robert is holding his hat on.

Look about 30 miles to the west and you can see my house.

Hunter is doing what he does best… Eat.

click for photo Hunter was pretty good during his first road trip but he did get loose a couple of times. He bucked and ran and bucked and ran… We just stood there and watched him and finally he came back to us.

Horses are Herd animals, doncha know.

click for photo Busting brush off the beaten path
click for photo Mrs. Geezer laughs about the rain.

The horse… not so much.

click for photo Annie was acting up so Robert lagged behind for some OJT.
click for photo I may look like a wrangler but don’t let the hat fool you.

Bonus Horsey Question: What kind of steering gear are each of us using?

We had a good time and progress was made in the training department.

Many Thanks to Geoff, who told me how to use a ‘table’ to align the photos and text.

>The Fiesta Bowl Experience

>It was the Best football game I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know who is doing the music but it’s awesome.

I have heard that they are going to make a motion picture out of the story, tentatively to be called “Out of the Blue”.

YouTube – Boise State -::- The Fiesta Bowl Experience

>Governor Signs Parental-Consent Bill

>Looks like good news for concerned parents.

“BOISE — Governor Butch Otter signed into law today a bill that requires minor girls to get permission from a parent or guardian for an abortion.

Governor signs parental-consent bill | KTVB.COM:

>Computer Shutdown Day Report

>Today was the day I accepted the challenge to shut down my computer for 24 hours. Actually I shut it off just before midnight last night.

My intention is to take a photo every hour to show what I was doing *instead* of sitting at the computer.

Ready? Let’s go.

click for photo Here we are just before 7 am, time to wake up the new puppy, Hootie, and take her out to pee.
click for photo I wandered down to one of my favorite photo spots, about 100 yards from my front door to get a shot of the power lines.

Someday I want to get the sun rising in the center. Don’t know if it will happen but it might, around the Winter Solstice.

click for photo Here’s another shot before the sun came up.

It’s the Magical Windmill.

Yeah, it’s cold in my PJ’s.

click for photo Gipsy, the horse is ready for some food.
Not just yet, I need to take some more photos.
click for photo First it’s time for my Exercises.
I love my Total Gym. Too bad I don’t use it very often.
Looks like I gave birth to a Beach Ball. Judging from the color, I’d say it’s a boy.
click for photo It’s time to throw some Hay to the horses.

Spudder the Feral Cat is going to help.

click for photo It’s a Horsey Merry-go-round. Here’s how it works:

The horse on the right is afraid of the one in the center, the one in the center is afraid of the one on the left. The Pinto gets along with everybody but the one on the left is afraid of the one on the right.

Round and round they go.

Pretty funny sometimes.

click for photo Spudder the Feral Cat gets fed too.
click for photo The Horses ate the pigtail wiring harness on the horse trailer.

I have to put on the new one that Bud The Neighbor gave us.

It was a little more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

click for photo Time to fill up the water trough. We buy ‘Feeder Fish’ to put in the water so they will eat the mosquito larvae.

PETA would be proud.

Or not.

click for photo Let’s go feed the dogs.

Hootie is playing with Mama Cass.

click for photo Mrs. Geezer is twisting the steering wheel cover. It drives me nuts.

She is driving me to our favorite store. Can you guess what it is?

click for photo Here’s a hint.
click for photo Remember when you were a kid and you stuck your arm out the window and made it go up and down like an airplane wing?

Guess what… You can still do it when you’re old.


click for photo Bud the neighbor woke me up from my Power Nap to help him move some junk.

I’m happy to help him because he helps me All The Time.

Good Neighbors are nice to have.

click for photo Here’s Bud’s old Jeep.

Some Assembly Required.

All the parts are around here somewhere.

click for photo Mrs. Geezer is getting my horse ready to go on The Big Ride tomorrow.

Can you tell the horse is trotting?

A trot is a 2-beat gait using opposite corner feet.

Are we clear on that?

click for photo Now we gotta feed them again.
click for photo Hey look, it’s that Ring-Necked Pheasant.

I like having him around. It makes me smile when I hear him out in the field.

click for photo This doesn’t make me smile.

It’s a Friggin’ Gopher hole. (Thomomys idahoensis)

All Gophers must Die.

Sometimes they outsmart me but I trapped a big one. Here’s the photo.

click for photo The window came off the track so I had to fix it before I sat down to watch a movie.

No Problemo.

click for photo Here’s tonight’s entertainment.

It’s The Longest Day. I remember seeing this in 1962.
It has an all-star cast including…..
…Mr. Paul Anka, who I used to do the Stage Lighting for.

Well that was my Day Without a Computer.

How are Things in Your Town?

>I’m Shutting Off My Computer

“Well, just for 24 hours.”
Yesterday was Computer Shutdown Day.
I actually lasted 36 hours.
It was NOT a protest about anything, it was an experiment on what people would do with the extra time.

I’ve got some Enchanting and Interesting photos of what *I* did.

Yeah, I’ll bet.

I’m Shutting Off My Computer � Innocent Bystanders

>France Opens Secret UFO files

>Well, this could explain a lot.

“PARIS (AFP) – France became the first country to open its files on UFOs Thursday when the national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings spanning five decades…”

I wonder what kind of experiments they conducted on the citizens.
France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years:

>Snakes on a Plane in a Computer

>click for photo
*Calling Tech Support*

click for photoMy computer is making a hissing sound.

I figure the snake must have been after the mouse.

It’s probably Old, Fake or Photoshopped.

Here’s a couple more photos:

Here and Here.

H/T Adrienne.

>Home Horse Rescue

>click for photo
click for photo
Mrs. Geezer came in and said, “You need to go outside in the bitter cold and wind and rescue Peaches“.
OK, she conveniently left out the part about the cold and wind but I discovered it immediately after going outside in my PJs.

We have a couple of trees in the center of the pasture that will eventually provide some nice shade for the horses. We don’t want them eating the trees or knocking them down so we surrounded them with an electric fence. This is the second time that the 2 year-old filly has gotten herself trapped inside. She is smart enough to stay there until someone comes to rescue her. “Yielding to Pressure” is something that horses need to learn, otherwise they will fight to escape when they get hung up in barbed wire or fencing. You can see several examples of bad horse injuries posted on this blog in the past.

I was able to lift the electric tape high enough and coax her out but I was pretty cold when I was done.

Hunter, her older brother, waits patiently for her to figure it out.

Bonus question: What are those yellow thingys on top of the T-posts?

>200 Horses Rescued


Rescue two hundred horses the Netherlands Nov. 2006 – Google Video

H/T the Mayor of Mitchieville.

>Pheasant and Hawk

>click for photo
click for photo
click for photo
Mrs. Geezer came in and said, “There’s a pheasant by the hay barn”.

I went out with the camera and I could hear it making a ‘ka-chuck’ kind of call. It would repeat this about every 5 seconds.

I tried to sneak out by the barn but it must have heard me because it ran out into the field, making that ‘ka-chuck’ sound rapidly.

I took this picture and then I noticed the Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on the power pole.

The hawks never sit on this pole because it is only about 50 yards from the road.

I guess he was thinking about having a pheasant dinner until I spooked him.

He flew over to the other pole where he usually sits with his mate. You can see him below his mate with his wings spread.

The pole is about 200 yards from the road.
I walked over one day and discovered many mouse and gopher body parts under the pole.

Good Job!

>Three More Geezers


click for photoWhen the heck did They get old?

>Poisoned Pet Food Kills Pets

>I decided this was important enough to post since the pet food is being recalled.

Click the link for more details and a list of the pet food:

>Irish Dudes Survive Dangerous Floods

>click for photo

Happy St. Paddy’s day to y’all.

(My relatives came from Southern Ireland)

Mrs. Geezer made her most excellent Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Irish Blessings

Wherever you go and
whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish
Be there with you!

May your glass be ever full
May the roof over your head
be always strong
And may you be in heaven
Half an hour before
The devil knows you’re dead.

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrock
May your heart be as light as a song
May each day bring you bright happy hours
That stay with you all year long.

May the lilt of Irish laughter
Lighten every load
May the mist of Irish magic
Shorten every road
May you taste the sweetest pleasures
That fortune e’re bestowed
And may all your friends remember
All the favors you are owed!

May your troubles be less
And your blessings be more
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door!

May the Good Lord take a liking to you…

But not too soon!

H/T Adrienne for the poem.

>Happy Saint Paddy’s Day

>click for photo
click for photo
Here’s a photo of a Double Rainbow that I took from my front porch.

I hope it brings you twice the luck.

Those spots are raindrops.

The other photo is of my favorite Irish Redhead standing in the emerald green fields of Ireland.

OK, it’s not really Ireland, it’s Idaho.

>Yellowstone Supervolcano Activity

>click for photo
I hope I didn’t pick the wrong century to move to the Spud State.

>Firefly Season 2

>click for photoI hope this comes to pass:

Captain Mal and the crew of Serenity need your help to stay flying.

We are looking to push the envelope of episodic television by offering Season Two of Firefly in a groundbreaking new format. Each episode (or the entire season) would be made available for purchase in Standard or Hi-Definition…”

Joss Whedon’s Firefly Season 2:

>Sobek Interviews Retired Geezer

>click for photo
I’m too lazy or too busy (you decide) to post anything today but I thought you might enjoy reading my interview with a Crocodile.
It made me laugh again. Go read the whole ting.

“Retired Geezer is a gun-toting maniac from Schnoors, Idaho. He moved from Las Vegas to Idaho after an exciting tour as a lightman for such performers as [Mr.] Paul Anka. Rumor has it he was forced into retirement after he ‘made a maniac’ out of Anka, thinking as many as eight things in a single night. More recently, he has been hanging with the jet set of Idaho, including Lyle, the old farmer who shot a cow in front of a bus full of school children in Napoleon Dynamite…”

SobekPundit: The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: Retired Geezer

>Important Safety Tip

>click for photo
If you get a new puppy, buy her some Cow Hooves to chew on. You can get them at PetCo.

Just be careful when walking around in the dark, with bare feet.

>John Edwards Embodies Austerity

>click for picture

When asked to explain how he can build a 28,000 square foot mansion for himself and still get to call everyone else selfish, John Edwards said, “That sounds like a FOX News question. I don’t answer FOX News questions.”

Sam Ryskind has some very clever and funny Political Cartoons.
Go check them out

>Should You Vote?

>I missed one.

H/T Garfield Ridge.