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>Pheasant by the Fence

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I glanced out the kitchen window and saw this Ring-Necked Pheasant walking along the barbwire fence.

The Flamingos don’t appear to be alarmed by his presence.

When I was 14 we took a vacation trip to Oregon and I found a feather from a Pheasant. When I got back to school, I wrote a vacation essay about it, only I called it a Ring Naked Pheasant.

>Gopher Hunting in Idaho

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Why wait out in the cold for those gophers?

Be comfortable.

Just don’t shoot your railing.

H/T to my buddy Ruff Cobb.

>Don’t Run From a Police Dog

>Definitely NOT Safe For Work.

Male Nudity and Blood Warning!

I don’t know anything about these pictures, they were sent to me by Parson Colt.

They are pictures of a guy who got bit in the crotch, purportedly by a Police Dog.

>Not a Funnel Cloud

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Not an Atomic Blast either, thank God.
It was only a storm cell.

There was 2″ on snow on the ground this morning, it all melted by 3pm.

I walked out the back door around 5:30 and saw this amazing cloud.

>Cosmic Eye

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Every now and then Astronomy Picture of the Day website puts up an image that just about everybody would appreciate. Here is today’s photo.

“Dust makes this cosmic eye look red. The eerie Spitzer Space Telescope image shows infrared radiation from the well-studied Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) a mere 700 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. “

APOD: 2007 February 23- Dust and the Helix Nebula

>First Things First

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So you’re in a car crash, what’s the first thing you do?

Call 911?
Get your insurance card?
Brush your hair?

>Peep Research

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Just in time for Easter.
Funny experiments with Peeps
Peep Health: Perhaps one of the most under-represented areas of study worldwide, issues of Peep well-being are only now making their way into the mainstream consciousness.

* Risk Analysis: Investigating the effects of smoking and alcohol on Peep health.
* Medical Miracle! Quintuplet Peep siblings, conjoined at birth, have been separated through this daring application of modern medicine!
* Fear Response: Discover what causes this dramatic Peep behavior.”

Go see the Peep Candy Humor:

>Super Bowl Coach Speaks

>Powerful and uplifting message from Tony Dungy.
You should just go read it all.

The Official Website of the Indianapolis Colts

>Doc Peabody & Hanna Oakley

>I was searching the Las Vegas Review Journal online and came across this old story from October, 1997.

>Sunrise After the Rain

>click to see photoIt rained a lot last night so I thought there might be a good sunrise this morning.

I was right.

Spudder the Barn Cat was weaving figure-8’s through my legs as I was standing there in my Pajamas.

I took about 40 photos but I think this is one of the best ones.

>Why Horses Have Foals

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My Vet sent this to me.

H/T David Hayes

>Happy Valentine’s Day

>Valentine Cake

Happy Valentines Day to my Best Friend.

I built you a Cake.

I love you.


>Hawk in the Pussy Willow

>Click to see photo
Click to see photo
Click to see photoYesterday I took this picture of the Pussy Willow in the dense fog.

The tree is a big hangout for the sparrows.

Today Mrs. Geezer called me into the kitchen, “Come quick, there is a hawk in the tree!”.

I ran into the kitchen with the camera and this is what I saw.

You can’t see the little sparrows hiding in the branches but the Red Tailed Hawk sure could.

He tried every which way to get at the birds but they were pretty safe as long as they stayed there.

I think they instinctively knew that if They Fly, They Die.

The hawk jumped on the ground and tried to climb under the branches but he wasn’t able to squeeze in.

He finally gave up and flew away.

We think it is a young hawk, probably the same one we saw the other day sitting on the gate when we were in the Spa.

>Foggy Morning in the Shire

>Foggy Robin Sunrise
Skidmarks in the Sky
This was the view in my front yard, this morning, as Nampa was covered with heavy fog.

I think that’s a robin in the tree. I saw one yesterday, the first one this year.

Later on the fog burned off but apparently was still a problem at the Boise airport.

You can see the airplane leaving skidmarks in the sky while waiting for the fog to clear.

>Space Spud Hits Big Time

>Mutated Potato
Just in time for Valentines Day.

“Entrepreneurs in Shanghai are pushing the city’s latest food fad for Valentine’s Day – a purple potato grown from seeds taken on a space mission.

I’m almost positive that the spacecraft flew directly over Idaho.

Experiments exposed seeds to radiation, different pressures and weightlessness.

Or what we like to refer to, here in Idaho, as The Weekend.

Farmers near the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant could not be reached for comment.

Lift-off for Chinese space potato

>Me and Mrs. Geezer Go to Town


Hey, it’s safer than taking the horses.

>Cowgirl Zamboni

>dirt Zamboni
The ground in the horse area has been getting pretty hard lately.
The horses just stand around and stomp their feet. What’s up with that?

Mrs. Geezer wanted to get the area smoothed out so I asked Bud the Neighbor if I could borrow his little Harrow.
He said “Sure, you just have to fix it first”.

We needed some parts so we drove to the John Deere store and the Tractor Salvage, but No Joy.
I decided to try to fabricate a part to get the darn thing working.

We both had fun zooming around the arena, pulling the harrow. The ground looks a lot better too.

>iPods Banned in New York.

>monkey iPod
While crossing the street. (If this guy has his way)

“New Yorkers who blithely cross the street listening to an iPod or talking on a cell phone could soon face a $100 fine.”

How ’bout those Window Washer Dudes?

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.

>Rock in My Shoe

>Rock shoe 1
Rock shoe 2
Rock shoe 3
Rock shoe 4
Well… not exactly in *my* shoe. In one of the neighbor’s horse’s shoe.

Mrs. Geezer noticed one of the horses was limping slightly so she called me to come down and check her out.

I tried to pry it loose using a hoof pick but it was jammed under her horseshoe.

It was a perfect fit.

Can you see the rock sticking out under her hoof in the top photo?

We had to call Robert, our Farrier, to come over and remove the horseshoe.

He did it out of the kindness of his heart and didn’t even charge the neighbor.

Can you believe the size of the rock in the bottom photo?

>A Soirée of Spudders

>blogger dinner
I’ve been lazy about posting about our recent Blogger Dinner. We had a real good time and enjoyed some good food at the Chuck-a-Rama in Boise last week.

(Clockwise around the table from left)

It was good to finally meet Adam and Andrea from Adam’s Web. Surprisingly, Adam was the only one to show up wearing a kilt.
Adam is also involved with the Committee to elect John Cox President.

Joel “Bubblehead” Kennedy, a Retired Submarine Officer, writes The Stupid Shall be Punished, which was a Finalist in the 2006 Weblog Awards.

Rhonda Cramer teaches Shakespeare at BSU, her husband, Clayton Cramer is one of Idaho’s Premiere bloggers.

I was there promoting Innocent Bystanders, a group blog I’m a part of.

Mrs. Geezer just wanted a free meal, it was only fair, she feeds the Feral Cat.

Tom Hoefling is involved with several important blogs, he is the Chariman of Idahoans for Tax Reform.

I hope our next meeting will be at a place more conducive to conversation.

Update: Clayton Cramer has kindly fixed the exposure and balance on the photo.