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We’re getting a pretty nice shopping center about a mile from Camp Geezer.

The only store we’re sure of is Penneys, it’s pretty much completed but there are several other Mystery stores.

We had fun making a Wish List of stores we would Like to see there.
This is not in any sort of order:

Hollywood or Blockbuster Video
Papa Murphys
B. Dalton Bookstore Barnes & Noble
Moxie Java
Auto Zone
Bead Store
Pinera Bread
Souper Salad (That ain’t gonna happen, I wrote to the company and they have no plans to put stores in the Northwest. There are two stores in Vegas, give them a try.)

Some of our favorites, like Subway, are missing from the list because there is already one, close by.

What stores would You add to your wish list?


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  1. >Since I started NetFlixing, I’ve got no use for video stores. And I’d opt for a nice big Borders or Barnes and Noble instead of a B. Dalton.But the most important store is Best Buy, followed by CompUSA.

  2. >Oh yeah, Baby, we GOTS us a Best Buy in town now. It’s about 5 miles away but still closer than the one in Boise.We have Olive Garden and Target in the new Best Buy/ Costco plaza.I wrote down B. Dalton but I meant to put Barnes and Noble.The Borders just closed in Boise, dunno why.

  3. >You need a Leftorium.And a D.I.My wife and I like Souper Salad when we are in SLC. I’d trade our Wal-Mart for a Target.

  4. >RG, we have all the stores you mentioned here. Forget Michael’s and beed store–I have an entire craft room. If you and Mrs. RG ever make it down DinT’s way we don’t live that far from him and you’ll have to visit.

  5. >*makes list*Things to do in Texas:1. Visit Patty Ann and let Mrs. Geezer get Creative.2. Visit Dave in Texas and have a Paraffin treatment, followed by beer drinking and male bondage, I mean bonding.

  6. >Hehe. I can teach Mrs. G. things with a xyron she’s only dreamed of.If you’re into music, electronics, orchids, koi ponds, police scanners, outdoor grilling, or pornography, my husband can keep you company while we’re crafting.

  7. >Oops. Anonymous was me.

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