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>Baby Stealing in Idaho


Baby Horses, that is.

When it is within a day or so of the time for a mare to give birth, their nipples usually get kind of a waxy coating. They start lactating and their milk dries and forms the wax. This isn’t a foolproof predictive method, but I felt confident that it was going to be soon.
I was right.
The first of three foals to be born this Spring, was born yesterday. He’s a beautiful little paint colt. Mom and baby are doing fine NOW, but it was a pretty rough start. Something happened that could have ended his short life.

There are some mares who will steal a baby away from it’s mother, actually get between the baby and the real mom and drive her off. The unfortunate end is the baby starves to death because the baby stealers don’t have any milk. I’m told that this happens with cattle also.
We know which mares like to do this, so we keep the moms-to-be in separate pastures, away from the other horses.

I went down, in the morning, to check on everyone and I could see that all was not right. Patty, the expectant mom, was running up and down the fence line (barbed wire) and was quite frantic. In the next pasture was Gypsy, the baby stealer, with the New Baby!
I don’t know how she got the baby, she might have grabbed him with her teeth when he got too close to the fence. This was very bad, so many things could go wrong. I grabbed a lead rope and went running down there.
As I walked in among them you could feel the excitement about the new arrival. Gypsy was quite frazzled and didn’t want to be touched, but I had a secret weapon in my pocket, CARROTS! When she saw those she came over and within a few bites I was able to put the rope around her neck.

Now I needed to do something with her before I could reunite mom and baby. I had to isolate Gypsy by going around barbed wire fence lines, through gates and up to the corrals.
We started off and it was the parade from hell. Lots of bumping and neighing, with many horses feet stomping around. The baby was very confused and not really sure who to follow. I had my hands full with Gypsy and couldn’t help him. We had a long walk and as I looked back I saw something that touched my heart.

Diamond, one of the yearlings, had stayed with the baby. She was slowly and quietly showing him how to stay away from the wire and how to go through the gates. I finally got Gypsy put away and now It was time to reunite mom and baby.
I opened the last gate and Patty rushed to her baby’s side. It was a beautiful sight. She licked and nuzzled him and gave him his first drink!! It was a nice warm day and after a few drinks he laid down in the soft green grass for a well deserved nap.
Diamond, the hero, didn’t want to be separated from the two but we both eventually walked off together, knowing we did a good job …. and Diamond, guess what I have in my pocket… just for You?

Posted by Mrs. Geezer.

>Health Tip – Stroke Recognition

>A Neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke.
He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and treated within 3 hours.


Thank God for the sense to remember the “3” steps, STR
Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster.

The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.
Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

S *Ask the individual to SMILE.

T *Ask the person to TALK, to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently) (i.e. . . It is sunny out today).

R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

{NOTE: Another ‘sign’ of a stroke is this:
Ask the person to ‘stick’ out their tongue…if the tongue is ‘crooked’, if it goes to one side or the other that is also an indication of a stroke}

>Baby Stealing in Idaho – part 1

>Been pretty busy this week, sorry for the light blogging.

Mrs. Geezer promises to write something today about Baby Stealing in Idaho.

You won’t want to miss that!

>Sobek Made Me Famous.


It’s True.
I’ve joined the ranks of unfortunate victims honored Bloggers,
along with:
Ace of Spades.
Are You Conservative.
Dave from Garfield Ridge.

I couldn’t be happier, if I’d Retired and moved to Idaho.

Funny… I don’t remember being interviewed by a Crocodile.

Out of gratitude, I have thrown away Mrs. Geezer’s Alligator Handbag.

>Redneck Tractor Pull

We’ve gone to a few Tractor Pulls, here in the Spud State.

They are actually pretty entertaining.
Tractors; from Old Classics to Souped Up models with Blown Engines, try to pull a sled with a weight which increases progressively.
Eventually the sled stops.

Here’s a photo of Another Type of Tractor Pull:

Content Warning, Not Safe for Work.

>Strippers and Pleas

>Lie Down with Strippers, Wake Up with Pleas.
Ann Coulter in rare form concerning the Duke Lacrosse rape case.

“…In no area except morality would a sane person believe he can’t criticize something stupid because he’s done it.
How about: If you’ve ever forgotten to fill up your car and run out of gas, you must forevermore defend a person’s right to ignore the gas gauge.

Or if you’ve ever forgotten to wear a coat in cold weather and caught a cold, henceforth you are obliged to encourage others not to dress appropriately in the winter.

This deep-seated societal fear of being accused of ‘hypocrisy’ applies only to behavior touching on morals.

But we’re all rotten sinners, incapable of redemption on our own. The liberal answer to sin is to say: I can never pay this back, so my argument will be I didn’t do anything wrong.

The religion of peace’s answer is: I’ve just beheaded an innocent man — I’m off to meet Allah!

I don’t know what the Jewish answer is, but I’m sure it’s something other than, ‘therefore, what I did is no longer bad behavior’ — or the Talmud could be a lot shorter.

The Christian answer is: I can never pay this back, but luckily that Christ fellow has already paid my debt…”

>Swedish Lemon Angels

> I used to run a spotlight for Penn and Teller at the Rio in Vegas.
Penn is really into practical jokes. We tried his “Swedish Lemon Angels” scam on Mrs. Geezer’s friend-from-childhood.
It backfired…
She hasn’t spoken to us for 5 years. A friendship of 40 years… pfffftt.

Here’s the recipe so you can lose some of your friends.
At least the ones without any sense of humor.

Swedish Lemon Angels


* 1 egg
* 1/2 cup buttermilk
* 5 teaspoons baking soda
* 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
* 1 cup lemon juice
* 1 1/4 cups sugar
* 7/8 cup all-purpose flour
* 8 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted


1. Preheat oven to 375° F.
2. In a small bowl, beat egg until foamy.
3. Mix in buttermilk and vanilla.
4. Gradually add baking soda, one teaspoon at a time, mixing until smooth and creamy.
5. Pour in lemon juice all at once and blend thoroughly.
6. Once mixture has congealed into a pasty lump, scoop it out with a spatula and spread on a floured surface.
7. Sift flour and 3/4 cup sugar together and work it into the egg-lemon lump with your fingertips.
8. Roll the dough very thin (1/32 inch) with a floured rolling pin, and cut out angel shapes with a knife.
9. Curl up the edges slightly and sprinkle the angels with the rest of the sugar.
10. Brush angels with melted butter.
11. Place angels with at least an inch apart on a baking sheet.
12. Bake for 12 minutes or until golden brown.

>Mrs. Geezer and the Floss From Hell.


We were driving into the Big City, (Boise), the other day. Mrs. Geezer was behind the wheel (She’s an Excellent Driver), and I was “Helping Her” by pointing out missed opportunities for lane changes and other choices she should have made.

We stopped for a Subway sandwich, and after the meal she asked me if I had any floss. Well, I’m a Flossin’ Fool, so I always have some kind of floss in the car. That day, the floss in the console, happened to be Gentle Gum Care, as seen in the photo. This proved to be somewhat of a misnomer, as we shall see.

She sat in the parking lot and tried to floss. There isn’t much space between her molars so she was having trouble with the floss breaking and shredding. She started making that ‘frustrated noise’ that women do… you know the one.

I looked over at her and cracked up. She had several long pieces of blue and white floss hanging out of her mouth, It looked like she tried to eat a sweater.

“ARRRRGggggggh. I can’t get this out from between my teeth. It HURTS!”

It didn’t look like floss, it looked like Yarn… from a Bulky Knit Sweater.
Fortunately I always have my Gerber Tool handy for any Emergencies, Dental or Otherwise,
but she wasn’t going for the amateur surgery and was getting madder because I couldn’t stop laughing.
I finally had to go into the store and buy some regular Waxed floss so she could get those hunks of shag carpet out of her teeth.

Note to self, laughing when your spouse is in distress, is a bad thing.

>Dude, Where’s My Letters?


I’m fiddling with the Template

Sorry the header looks wacky.

>Global Hawk

According to my email, this photo was taken at Edwards recently.

The vehicle landed from a non-stop flight from the mid-east.

All of this with no pilot, no navigator and no flight attendents.

Check the 259 mission record on the side of the machine.

H/T Kelso.

>24: The Composite Celebrity Interview…

Go check out Mrs. R’s exclusive interview. Very clever and funny.

ayc: 24: The Composite Celebrity Interview…

>Life Line

Pretty cool pencil animation.

H/T Adrienne.

Theme Song Poll (Test)

Vote on the song.
Michael and KC, try this and let me know how you like the format.

This is something to consider (from PollHost):

Important! Please remember that you may not include your poll or links to your poll in any email message, or your poll will be subject to removal from our service and you could be banned from using our service in the future.

In other words, we can't email people to try it, but that's OK. 

I also don't know if voting is restricted to one per day / per IP address.

I just made this test poll in about 5 minutes (as a guest) I didn't log in, although I could have. 

>Rifle Association shoots down call to arm society.

Bizarre news from Jamaica.
Chuck Schumer isn’t from Jamaica, is he?

“…The controversial call by Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) senator, Prudence Kidd-Deans for the arming of the society in the face of the prevailing high murder rate, has not found favour with the Jamaica Rifle Association (JRA), popularly known as the gun club…”


Here’s another link.

(the photo I used was from the Punkin’ Chunkin’ event, here in Idaho. That air-cannon shoots actual pumpkins… Real Fast)

>Signs of the Apocalypse – Mr. Potato Head

Sobek has snapped out of his Funk, with a vengeance.
Funny stuff from an ancient Egyptian diety:

A Very Brief History of Art, Featuring Mr. Potato Head


Some comments in a previous post reminded me of an old album cover that I always thought was pretty clever.


by Ron Salsbury and the JC Power Outlet.

>Real Activism

>I don’t know who first said it, but I agree:

The passengers on Flight 93 did more to fight terrorism in 5 minutes than the Democrats have done in 5 years.

>Good Friday


I have been trying to get the time to properly tell you about church last Sunday, it was a powerful service.

We were asked to be in our seats at 9am. When we entered the room, the first thing I saw was a big cross in the back of the room. People would pray, then hammer a nail into the cross. It’s probably obvious to most of you but this was to signify that Jesus died for OUR sins. The Romans may have done the work but the blame was on each of us.

The lights were very dim, with a single spotlight on another huge cross set up center stage. It was over 7′ tall and had a red sash draped over and around it.

We found some seats and then the choir entered, dressed all in black. They filed in from behind us. As they reached the cross, each one of them paused briefly. The women each placed a red rose at the foot of the cross.

Hammering could be heard occasionally from the back of the room.

The music being played was powerfully sad. I haven’t seen “Passion of the Christ” yet, but it could have been from the soundtrack.

The Pastor had a very somber message from John 19, which included some ‘responsive reading’ from us.
“Crucify Him, Crucify Him”.
“We have no King but Caesar”.

As people felt led, they would go to the back and hammer a nail into the cross.

At the end of the service, two women carefully took down the red sash and carried it out. It looked uncannily like a body.

We all left quietly.

>Jesus Wasn’t a Wimp

>Mark Steyn does an excellent job comparing the Real Jesus with the watered-down wimp Jesus that a lot of non-Christians imagine him to be.

“…Some in this post-Christian culture don’t believe anything, some are riddled with doubts, but even the ones with only a vague residual memory of the fluffier Sunday School stories are agreed that there’s little harm in a Jesus figure who’s a “gentle teacher”.

In this world, if Jesus were alive today he’d most likely be a gay Anglican bishop in a committed relationship driving around in an environmentally-friendly car with an “Arms Are For Hugging” sticker on the way to an interfaith dialogue with a Wiccan and a couple of Wahhabi imams. If that’s your boy, Mel Gibson’s movie is not for you…”

“…Instead of Jesus the wimp, Mel gives us Jesus the Redeemer. He died for our sins – ie, the “violent end” is the critical bit, not just an unfortunate misunderstanding cruelly cutting short a promising career in gentle teaching.

Update: I had to add this paragraph, it’s too good.

Strictly as a commercial proposition, Wimp Jesus is a loser: the churches who go down that path are emptying out and dying. Those who believe in Christ the Redeemer are booming, and Mel Gibson has made a movie for them.

Mark’s review is an excellent essay on “Why Hollywood doesn’t get it”. Movie Review: Passion