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>Answer to High Gas Prices

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Just teach your car how to do this.

>Are You Dumb?

>How smart are you?

>72 year old Pummels 27 year old Pickpocket

>Be sure to read all the comments at Dave’s post:

“Bill Barnes was standing in a convenience store in Grand Rapids Michigan and scratching off a losing $2 lottery ticket when he felt a hand reach inside his front left pocket. In that pocket he had about $300 in cash. He grabbed the thief’s left hand and started pummeling him with his right, landing six or seven punches before the store manager intervened (to save the dumb asses life I’m thinkin).”

72 year old former Marine pummels 27 year old pickpocket � Dave in Texas:

>Yahtzee Game Gone Bad

>They must take their Yahtzee pretty seriously in Florida.
I could understand getting upset about a game of Dominos or Monopoly maybe.

>Flyin’ Brian is Back Flying

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He installed the engine and rotor system in San Diego, then flew it home to Utah.

Oh yeah… some Kiwi mechanic helped too.

>Hootie and the Blowfish Frog

>Hootie the Golden Retriever puppy was very interested in something under the kitchen table tonight. When Mrs. Geezer investigated, she found a little frog.

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I took him out to the pond and put him on a lily pad that was sent to us by LauraW, my Internet Friend in Connecticut.

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I’m amazed that I caught him in mid-jump.

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Frog on a Lily Pad… Seems natural to me.

I just hope Elizabeth, the Garden Snake doesn’t eat him.

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Mrs. Geezer made this Stained Glass Frog a couple of years ago.

>Curious Card Trick

>Ace posted this a while ago but it’s worth a second look.

Be sure to watch the whole thing because he reveals how he does it.

>I Blame Captain Jack Sparrow

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Of course it’s PhotoShopped.

>Mickey Jones and Me

>Forty years ago I was working as a stagehand at NBC studios in Burbank, California. I worked on many shows including: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Phyllis Diller and Laugh In. One time I was working the Dean Martin show and I heard that Kenny Rogers and the First Edition were going to appear. Their song “Just Dropped in to See what Condition My Condition was In” was one of my favorites so I went back to the dressing room to see if I could get their autograph. They were very nice and every member of the band signed a piece of sheet music.
Kenny Rogers
Thelma Camacho
Terry Williams
Mike Settle
Mickey Jones.
You may not know it but you have probably seen Mickey before. He usually plays a big Biker Dude. He was in a popular Breath Saver commercial and he was a regular on Home Improvement and Justified.
Flash forward 40 years and I hear the DJ on Boomer 100.7 say that Mickey Jones would be appearing on his show the next day. I called up Big Jack and Bryan and told them I had Mickey’s autograph. They were excited and asked me to fax it to them.
The next day I was listening as Bryan interviewed Mickey
When he showed him the copy of the autographed sheet music, Mickey was blown away.
“That’s the real deal,” he said.
On Saturday they were going to have a motorcycle rally to raise funds for Cancer research and guess who was going to be the Master of Ceremonies.

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I told Mrs. Geezer that we needed to drive to Ontario for the festivities. We got there just in time for the Loud Pipe contest.
This girl won the contest with her Harley. Look at Mickey plugging his ears.

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I entered the Tattoo contest but there was some tough competition.

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Everybody is impressed by my ‘Prison Tat’.

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The Wild Card Band was playing so I asked them if I could sit in on a song. They were nice enough to let me.
(If I know there is going to be live music, I always take my Harmonica Belt… Just in case)

Here I am playing along with the ZZ Top song, Tush.

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We had a great time. We’ll be back next year and so will Mickey.

>Decisions: Buy a Dog or Have Kids?


Life is full of choices.

>Dog in a Pink Sidecar


click for photoWhat is pink, with 2 heads, 6 legs and 3 wheels?

It’s a girl and a Golden Retriever driving around town in a Vespa scooter with a sidecar.

I wish I could have gotten in front of her to take a better picture.
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Maybe next time.

>Death Penalty Deters Crime

This won’t make the anti-death-penalty crowd happy:

>James Bond Villain Death Quiz

>To make up for my lack of posts, I’ll divert your attention to Sobek’s excellent James Bond quiz:

The James Bond Villain Death Quiz � Innocent Bystanders