>Bounty Hunters Kill 2 in Wrong House

>Pretty scary.

“Bounty hunters wearing black ski masks and looking for a bail jumper kicked in the front door of a house, held children at gunpoint and shot a young couple to death in a case of mistaken identity, police said.

Three of the bounty hunters were in custody Monday, including one who has been charged with second-degree murder and two hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Police were looking for two others.

Investigators said they did not believe the bail jumper was in the house and might never have lived there.

‘It’s still a mystery why they went to that house,’ said police Sgt. Mike Torres.

Innocent Bystanders:

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  1. >Boba Fet Was unavailable for comment.

  2. >Note that this was from a story that happened 10 years ago in Milwaukee.Not that it’s any less horrific…

  3. >I thought it happened recently in Phoenix.Wrong?

  4. >Horrifying!When I lived in San Francisco a car went by and there where gunfire …. INTO all houses they passed. One bullet passed about 10 cm from my head from the windows into the fireplace wall. The policemen thought I was pretty lucky!I don’t call it luck to be shoot at!Now You know we I am restricted against that everyone should carry weapons, they where a bunch of drunk youths, had nothing else to do that evening.(( hugs ))

  5. >RG and Anonymous are both half-right: it happened 10 years ago in Phoenix. The other incident in Sobek’s post was more recent.

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