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My Favorite Time of Year

Here’s a pleasant new Christmas song to get you in the holiday spirit.

It’s by the Florin Street Band.



Da Vinci Code ~ Sorta Kinda

Mrs. R, at Are You Conservative, is on a roll. Two great posts in as many days. Be sure to examine the animated GIF’s as you read her post.

“The Dar Winci Code

‘No matter what you believe. No matter what you have read. The journey has just begun… ‘”

ayc: The Dar Winci Code

Islam and Homosexuality

The Leftists might want to re-think their embracing of Islam as the Religion of Peace.

All the Real Christians I know, have compassion for Gays.

Here’s the Gateway Pundit’s take on the situation:

“…Looking at Saudia Arabian society, besides the public floggings, the life of a gay man is a closeted dream:

Security police arrested the men on March 10 at a private party held in a rented hall in Jeddah. The government-affiliated newspaper Al-Wifaq reported that the men at the party were dancing and “behaving like women.”

On or about March 26, a Jeddah court, meeting in a closed session in which defense attorneys were excluded, sentenced 31 of the men to prison for six months to one year, and to 200 lashes each, for unreported offenses. Four other men received two years’ imprisonment and 2,000 lashes…”

Gateway Pundit: Don’t Worry, Leftists… Islam Has a Place for the Homosexual

Cartoon by Cox and Forkum.

Ten Commandments Explained

Ever wonder why some people object to the Ten Commandments? Well, it’s because they don’t read them the same way that you do.

Rodger has explained the difference for us: Read the Whole List

“…The term ‘Ten Commandments’ came up in today’s homily, and it reminded me how I simply cannot understand why anybody would object to their display? I began thinking of people I know, who get their panties bunched up over this subject, and what I think their objections would be…”


1 – I am the Lord thy God and thou shalt not have any strange gods before me.

Why They Hate It:

I have an IQ of 168, a degree in sociology, and I don’t believe in Santa.. You’re not the boss of me.

7 – Thou shalt not steal.

Do you mean shoplifting from the Wal-Mart oppressor? Or ripping oil from the Earth Mother?

Very Brave (ex-) Muslim Woman.

Ace has all the links about this Brave Woman.

“…Remember the brave (ex-) Muslim woman who so forcefully condemned Muslim backwardness, extremism, and violence on Al Jazeera?

She gives her first interview since then to Israeli National News. With her thick accent, it’s a little hard to understand, though.

And the New York Times profiles her, actually writing a pointed headline:

For Muslim Who Says Violence Destroys Islam, Violent Threats

In the spirit of noting that extremist Muslims reacted violently to cartoons suggesting they were, in fact, violent…”

Ace of Spades HQ:

Islam ~ All You Need to Know

I just discovered this essay. It was posted back in 2004 but it’s just as important to read today.

“…A certain “Joe”, who took issue with this tirade, inferred from it that I wanted to herd Muslims into crematoria, and suggested further that, if I were a Christian, I must have missed the part about loving my enemies.

Joe is typical of a particular species: the custardhead, who wills away that which must be done because it grates on his tender sensibilities. To a custardhead, the unpleasantness involved in shunning those who intend the rest of us harm is too disturbing to be borne. He’d much rather close his eyes and hope things will get better all by themselves.

When a militant movement that believes it has the right to rule all others is on the march, things will not “get better” by themselves. Only persons of low mentality could fail to see that.

If ostracizing those who believe vile and demented things is too unpleasant to contemplate, then what of the step that would be necessary after they’ve grown numerous enough and strong enough to act on their beliefs?…”

You should read it all:
Francis W. Porretto – Eternity Road: