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Brokedown Party

I swiped this from David and Lara over at The Attic Downstairs.

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Hey, Jeff at Think Sink put his up on February 2. I guess that makes him the winner.

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Movie Review ~ V for Vendetta

This movie isn’t released yet.
After reading Debbie Schlussel’s review, I won’t be seeing it.

“…If you liked the politics of last weekend’s Oscar nominees, you’ll love ‘V for Vendetta.’

It’s an exciting, quality Bin Laden film.

But if you’re like the rest of mainstream America–you support our troops, believe in firmly responding to terrorists on our own shores, and/or respect Christianity–then, don’t waste your time at this piece of garbage masquerading as a superhero movie. It is anything but.

If most other Hollywood films subtly whisper of an agenda, ‘V’ clocks you over the head with it with a still sizzling, iron frying pan of extreme leftism. It doesn’t arrive in theaters until March 17, but already the mainstream (ie. liberal) movie critics and entertainment media are raving about this egregious attack on our war on terror…

V for Vendetta:

Oscar Slam

Ann Coulter, at her Snarky best:

“…In case you missed the Oscars last Sunday night, here are the highlights:

Best song went to a musical tribute to the overseers of human sex slaves, an occupation known as ‘pimping’;
best picture went to a movie about racism in Los Angeles;
best supporting actor went to the movie about how oil companies murder people; and
best supporting actress went to the movie about how pharmaceutical companies murder people.

Curiously missing from Oscar night’s festivities was any reference, even in passing, to the 150,000 brave Americans currently risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

It’s hard out here for a wimp by Ann Coulter:

Oscar Predictions ~ Brokeback Mountain

I haven’t seen any of the Oscar Nominated Movies and I’m not planning on it either.

I’ve read all the reviews, but they just don’t appeal to me.

Hey, if I’m going to spend $35 on a movie and popcorn, it better be good.

Nobody does Snark better than Ann Coulter. Here’s her hilarious Oscar Predictions:

“…I shall grant my awards based on the same criteria Hollywood studio executives now use to green-light movies: political correctness. Also, judging by most of the nominees this year, the awards committee prefers movies that are wildly unpopular with audiences.

“…I shall summarize the plots of the five movies nominated for best picture below:

— ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (gay)

— ‘Capote’ (death penalty with bonus gay lead)

— ‘Crash’ (racism)

— ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’ (McCarthyism)

— ‘Munich’ (Jew athletes at Munich had it coming)…”

Read them all:

Aging Beauties

I’m including a photo of one of my personal favorites, Jill St. John.
This is a shot from the James Bond movie “Diamonds Are Forever”, which I actually worked on.
What did I do?
Was I Miss St. John’s personal assistant?
Was I in charge of feeding the fish in the waterbed?
Was I the guy who polished the gold telephone?

Click the link
to find out.

H/T Tahoe Red.

Movie: Dreamer

Took Mrs. Geezer to the movies today. We went to the budget “Reel Theatre”. Only cost $2 apiece, $1 on Tuesdays.
We are required to see any horse-related movie that hits the big screen. I don’t mind.

Today’s movie was Dreamer and we both really enjoyed it. Kurt Russell was excellent as the dad, he’s really at the top of his game. His portrayal of Herb Brooks, the coach of the Hockey Team that won the Olympic Gold medal was amazing. Dakota Fanning is very talented actress. Whenever I’ve seen her on Leno, she’s been entertaining. Kris Kristofferson, Elisabeth Shue, David Morse and Oded Fehr all gave solid, believable performances.

Oh sure, y’all know how it’s gonna end but it’s a pretty good ride getting there.
Supposedly it was based on a true story. I haven’t researched it so I can’t comment.

I give it a solid 8 and recommend it as a great family film.

UPDATE: I researched the original story and came up with this:
“…Gatins continues, “The way the New York papers described the horses—they gave them personalities; the horses came alive as actual characters. I thought it would be great to make a movie about those characters. I started going to the racetrack and following them like athletes, watching their careers as they started going for the big races, the classics. These horses are bred to race, they are bred to be super athletes, but some horses just have more heart and drive.”

Gatins knew having that kind of heart and drive sometimes means more than just winning races. He wanted to write a screenplay about a horse who overcame the odds, so he started researching stories of horses who came back from what should have been career-ending—if not life-ending—injuries. It was then that he came across the story of one remarkable mare named Mariah’s Storm…

Favorite Sci-Fi Western

[Bubblehead] “Just finished watching Serenity, which I got on DVD as a Christmas present. Even on the second viewing, I still think it’s the best sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen. Mostly because of the acting and the story, and not at all because of the physical attributes of some of the stars…”

I concur, Mrs. Geezer got me the DVD Firefly series, on which this movie was based.
Yep, best Sci-Fi movie ever.

The Stupid Shall Be Punished: Favorite Sci-Fi Western

Movie Review ~ Narnia

Yep, it was great. Better than I had hoped for.

Casting plays a big part as to whether a movie ‘works’. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe had a very good cast. I was especially pleased with Tilda Swinton as the White Witch. She wasn’t quite what I had imagined during my many readings of the book… she was better. Just as the LOTR characters defined their roles, so too did the cast of TLTWTW.

Preachy? Nope.
In fact, if you weren’t familiar with the story of the Gospels, you would be unaware of the connection. If, however, you *were* cognizant of the Bible story, the parallels were obvious, and powerful.

It’s a story of: Friendship, Betrayal, Love, Hope, Honor, Guilt, Pride, Suffering, Judgement and Redemption… Just like an average night at Blog Idaho.

Movie Review ~ Serenity

I went to this movie knowing nothing about it.
I never saw any of the TV series that it was based on and didn’t read any reviews.

One word:

It was a great movie, I didn’t have any trouble following the plot.
Cast: Excellent.
Script: Excellent.
Stunts: Excellent.
Effects: Excellent.
Storyline: Excellent.
Character development: Excellent.

Yeah, I know, I sound like Dave at Garfield Ridge, who never saw a movie he didn’t like.

What surprised me the most was the humor, there were a few laugh-out-loud moments.
I was blown away by the continuous tracking shot at the beginning of the film. It seemed to me it was done without cuts but I’ll have to watch it again to be sure.

I can hardly wait until December 20th when the DVD comes out.

The best part was that it only cost $2 at the Reel Theatre…
Yeah, and there were only 2 other people there besides Mrs. Geezer and me.

Bruce Willis to make pro-war movie.

My Blogfather, Ace of Spades, has the scoop on the new Bruce Willis movie.
I’m planning on spending my money to see it, so it must be good.

…”Unfortunately, I’ve seen a leaked copy of the script, and the Hollywood executives have changed it so that Bruce Willis will no longer be fighting Muslim terrorists in Iraq. In the new story, terrorism in Iraq is due to European Neo-Nazis and American defense contractors who are creating a ‘fictitious war’ to sell more munitions.”…

Ace of Spades HQ:

Movie: North Country

… “The New York Post’s review of North Country confirms that the movie is awash in liberal stereotypes. But one jarring note jumped out at me:

“Inspired by Anita Hill’s testimony at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Josey talks Bill, a local hockey-hero-turned-lawyer (Woody Harrelson, in his best work in years) into mounting a lawsuit. And like Hill, Josey is confronted by the mine owner’s ‘nuts and sluts’ defense that focuses on her own sexual past.”

The real Jenson case was filed in 1985, six years before the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing. So this particular embellishment is pure fiction. Why did the moviemakers throw it in? Why do you think? The Supreme Court is in the news, and Justice Thomas is a hero to conservatives. So the liberals who made North Country went out of their way to slime him, shifting the movie’s time line by six years just so they could slander a Republican. No wonder conservatives hate Hollywood.”

Read it all at Power Line: Here’s One I Won’t Be Seeing: