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Sons of Korah

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>The Fiesta Bowl Experience

>It was the Best football game I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know who is doing the music but it’s awesome.

I have heard that they are going to make a motion picture out of the story, tentatively to be called “Out of the Blue”.

YouTube – Boise State -::- The Fiesta Bowl Experience

>Firefly Season 2

>click for photoI hope this comes to pass:

Captain Mal and the crew of Serenity need your help to stay flying.

We are looking to push the envelope of episodic television by offering Season Two of Firefly in a groundbreaking new format. Each episode (or the entire season) would be made available for purchase in Standard or Hi-Definition…”

Joss Whedon’s Firefly Season 2:

>Sobek Interviews Retired Geezer

>click for photo
I’m too lazy or too busy (you decide) to post anything today but I thought you might enjoy reading my interview with a Crocodile.
It made me laugh again. Go read the whole ting.

“Retired Geezer is a gun-toting maniac from Schnoors, Idaho. He moved from Las Vegas to Idaho after an exciting tour as a lightman for such performers as [Mr.] Paul Anka. Rumor has it he was forced into retirement after he ‘made a maniac’ out of Anka, thinking as many as eight things in a single night. More recently, he has been hanging with the jet set of Idaho, including Lyle, the old farmer who shot a cow in front of a bus full of school children in Napoleon Dynamite…”

SobekPundit: The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: Retired Geezer