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Mosquitos: West Nile Virus

Mosquito Terminators

We bought some goldfish at Walmart and put them in the horse trough.
They survived the winter and are hard at work devouring the mosquito larvae. Natural West Nile Terminators, a bargain at 5 for a dollar.

Quiz: What happened to Jennifer Wilbanks?

Knowledge Is Power:
Humor is where you find it.

Five Redheads

Five Redheads

Windy day in Idaho.

I shot the Velvet Revolver

I shot Velvet Revolver

Well…. with my SPOTlight, anyway.
My job was to follow The Man, The Myth, the Legend, Slash.
Hoobastank was the opening act.
Any fans out there?

I was Paul Anka’s Lightman!

Anka revealed by Ace of Spades…
Anka, revisited by my Blogfather, Ace.
Be sure to check out the rest of the Anka links.

Humor: What’s your (Redneck) Sign?

It Is What It Is: REDNECK
Sometimes I feel like a Butter Bean, sometimes like Moon Pie.

Ladies-Left… Women-Right

Seems about right to me.
H/T to sodakmonk. Random thoughts from a Benedictine Monk.

Humor: Icon Wars!

Funny Flash movie about the icons on your desktop
H/T Hugh Hewett