The Guys Get Shirts!

>Two of my grandkids from California visited us for three weeks this summer.
We played a lot of RockBand ™, on the Xbox-360.

We got to be pretty good in the online competition. Out of 99,000 ranked bands, we placed in the top 100 on the Leaderboard with several songs. Two of the songs we played actually made it into the Top 20.

Since we are mostly from the Spud State, we call our band “Spudders”.

Yes… The Guys Get Shirts.*
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Three generations are represented here: Mrs. Geezer is standing with Donovan, Trish (my daughter) and Steve. I’m in the front row with Stevie.
Everybody plays all the instruments but usually Mrs. Geezer and I sing or play Bass, Trish and Donovan trade Drum duties while Steve and Stevie are our Guitar players. Stevie is only 8 but she plays guitar on the Expert level.
Yes, I am the Weakest Link.

Steve took the group picture of us and Photoshopped it in front of one of the many pictures I have taken of the power poles by our house.

RockBand is a great game for families but some of the songs have PG-rated lyrics.

*The title of this post comes from the famous recording of Mr. Paul Anka reaming out his band and the stagehands.

Full Disclosure: I was Paul Anka’s Lightman on 3 separate road tours in the U.S. and Canada.

Update: I have to give Michael credit for coming up with the name Spudders.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Steve and Trish. They have completed the Endless Setlist: 58 songs in a row without stopping. They got Five Stars on every song. It took about 6 hours of playing.

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  1. >Everyone in the Bubblehead Family loves Rock Band!

  2. >Looks cool 🙂 Go,go, go Idaho!!

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