Fastest Juggler on Earth

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Cathy, over at Innocent Bystanders, posted something that reminded me of my Stage Lighting Days in Las Vegas.

Man Plays Piano With His Balls.

I have fond memories of Wally Eastwood, who billed himself as the Fastest Juggler on Earth. He taught me how to juggle 5 balls and 4 clubs. Nope, I can’t do it today, juggling is something you have to practice to keep your skilz. I can still juggle 4 balls or 3 clubs pretty good though.

One of my prized possessions is the 3 professional juggling clubs that Wally gave me. He even autographed them.

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Mrs. Geezer and I attended his wedding in Vegas. He’s a really nice guy who married a very sweet girl. They have twin daughters, who he brags about during his shows.

Do a YouTube search for Fast Wally to see more of him.

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Here’s Mrs. G, holding the clubs over her latest Stained Glass project. It’s a 45 x 33 window that will recreate a photograph that her client took in New Zealand.

The top photo of Wally was taken by R. Scott Hooper. He has done a lot of photography for Playboy. Go check out his excellent photos.

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