>Crow Saves Kitten

>Here’s today’s Awwwwww moment:


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  1. >AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSo Cute – tnx for sharing!!!There are lessons to learn for humans from countries in war :-)(( hug ))

  2. >The Crow: “Are we friends? Absolutely. Do we talk? No.”

  3. >May we link to this post in our project running from today?(( hug ))

  4. >Thanks for Your answer by e-mail:You got a great video of communication as a bridge between different species.Due to Your computer problem I will inform the leader of the project!((hug ))

  5. >So how is it that this retired couple who loves cats won’t help out a stray kitten? This is crazy. A stray endangers all cats by not getting shots and not being fixed. It’s cute and whatnot, but makes no sense to me. I would never allow a kitten to “roam” and go feral and “tape it”.

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