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Seems pretty simple to me.


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  1. >Meh. Unimpressed. Most professions, you only get paid once for the work you do. I’m about to go back into fine arts. That means I get to sell my stuff once…and, if I’m good enough, for by far the smallest amount of money it’ll ever sell for.

  2. >…unimpressed is right. If they want to earn what a novelist earns, write a novel, not a 30-minute episode that has all of what, 3,000 words? Want what a songwriter earns? Write a song. Four cents on every unit sold seems pretty reasonable to me for a product that is just a small part of the final product. Small part, you say? Without a script, no one would love Raymond. And without Raymond and five hundred other supporting players plus a mansion-full of expensive equipment, you’d be bagging groceries in your local Piggly Wiggly. And revenue from online viewing? Umm, get a life, it is promotional. My kids have watched MAYBE two episodes of Lost online. And for that they paid exactly ZERO pennies. I don’t think the writers need to moan too much about that for quite some time.48% unemployed? You’re breakin’ my achy breaky heart. Ever heard of supply and demand? Got a mortgage and family to support? How ’bout choosing a career that doesn’t guarantee 50% unemployment rather than trying to get the corporate daddy to pony up more allowance to tide you over during your next trip to the surf shop.

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