>Disabled Veterans Jeered

>Well, that’s gratitude for you.
Disabled veterans jeered at swimming pool

Want to help? Help for Heroes.


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  1. >Very Important Issue!Pardon me, coming from a country that produce weapons but hate to be “involved” in wars ….. crazy isn’t it!I think this post shows the attitude towards all people with dysfunctions. Children lives with these attitudes towards them … God, they where born with it … they didn’t asked to be born with wheels instead of legs!!!I sure do understand the idiotic way to “gratitude” someone that has worked for the country! I just wanted to say my opinion that this is a huge attitude problem against those with severe functional problem. God forbid, if anyone of us get a stroke or something! Hopefully the “ladies” will not ever have any in there closeness hit by a car or a stroke. Shame on them!Thank You Geezer!!!!!(( hug ))(the link to the article doesn’t work, so forgive me if I am not taking up other important issues that might be in that article)

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