>Sunrise Seagulls

>click for photo

I shot this out my kitchen window this morning.

Can you see the seagulls?
They are on the left side in the middle of the photo.
Click it for a slightly larger image.


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  1. >Ohhh Yes its beautiful!and the Seagulls are many :-)IF they are Seagulls …I only see a group of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) 🙂

  2. >there must be thousands of them every evening flying from the landfill in Seamans Gultch, over Meridian, out to Lake Lowell… wave after wave of them.what if they all decided to land in a single subdivision, like that Hitchcock film? scarey…

  3. >Bill is right, huge flocks every morning and night.They sure look like they are having fun, swirling around in the wind currents as opposed to the geese, who seem pretty intent on getting from point A to point B.

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