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  1. >My wife’s car had a flat one morning a few years ago. I put the wrench on the first lugnut. Snap. Bad words in my brain. Well, certainly, that couldn’t happen again. I’ll get it off and put on the spare and go slowly to a shop to get a new bolt. Snap. Everything started to take on a red hue about that time. Bad, evil words were seeking to be expressed. I still thought I could pull it off without losing my mind completely. I sprayed the next one with WD-40 and walked away and stomped around for a few minutes. Came back to give it slow, gentle pressure. Snap. If a shotgun would have been handy, I probably would have used it.

  2. >Sigh…working on Fords can sometimes put people in this frame of mind. Once, I was changing a fuel pump on my LTD ( lived in Colorado at the time ), and there was NO apparent way to get one of the bolts out, because they had run one of the damned pressure hose to the AC right where you would have had to position a tool. I eventually reached a state of rage and utter disgust and hacked out half of my air-conditioning to get the thing off- on the assumption that AC wasnt a critical item in that climate. I subsequently moved to Las Vegas and spent many miserable months driving around in 110 degree plus temps with no AC. On my way BACK to colorado, my driveshaft FELL OFF, and as it was spinning at high RPM at the time, it managed to spin itself off into a planted field. I spent several hours looking for it, and never did find it. I left that Ford for the Highway Patrol. If I had had a shotgun atthe time, I would have seriously considered doing something terrible to that car.

  3. >It serves this guy right that he got hurt doing something stupid like shooting lug nuts with buckshot. Everyone who’s ever changed a flat tire knows that you use #6 shot for lugnuts. Duh!

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