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Ever wait and wait for that Perfect Photo?

“Timing is everything, particularly in the case of amazing photography. Sometimes that means waiting through a whole sports game and getting lucky to catch just the right shot. Other times than means trudging through nature for weeks to get the perfect environmental photograph. Here are 25 examples of perfectly timed images from around the world and in various genres.”

25 Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Time:


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  1. >I clicked on the “25 photos” link and got gibberish.Now, I have nothing against gibberish – some of my best friends speak it constantly – but I’m not convinced that it was what you intended.BTW: love your site!

  2. >Really you got gibberish?It worked for me just now.Maybe it’s a Firewall thing.Here’s the actual link:http://sawse.com/2007/11/02/25-photographs-taken-at-the-exact-right-time/Glad you like my moronblog.

  3. >Everything got all better now.Probably pilot error on this end.So I better skip the flying car – even though I’ve wanted one for the better part of fifty years, dammit!

  4. >Oh! The photos were worth it! Thanks!

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