>Ford Builds Bullitt Mustang

>It was probably the most exciting car chase ever filmed at that time.
Here’s the chase scene to jog your memory.

Ford to unveil Bullitt Mustang


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  1. >You could see the Mustang just flex its muscles, sinews popping, grab the road and freaking fly. Awesome scene. Thanks, Geezer.

  2. >Greatest. Chase. Scene. EVAH. Can I fit a kid seat into the back of that thing? I’d freakin’ love to have one. Let’s see, I can get $50 for plasma every 2 weeks: That’s $2600 a year. I can probably pick up another $2.50 or $3 in change if I keep my eyes on the ground all day long: That’s another roughly $1000 a year. I guess I’ll just have to start my own blog to get all that crazy blog cash rollin’ in so that I can pick this car up next year.

  3. >I’m posting a comment I got in an email from a Fellow Geezer in Ontario (Canada, I think).Hi Geezer, I actually saw one of these yesterday in Belleville, Ontario. I thought that some idiot had stuck his own label on a regular dark green Mustang. Should have known from the growly exhaust and the tire spinning departure from a stop light that the thing was another attempt by the Big 3 to solve the oil crisis, global warming, or the misery of psoriasis. Cheers. Fellow Geezer, Jack FlannaganI don’t have psoriasis but I’ll get it if it comes with that Mustang.

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