>Daylight Savings Time Kills!

>I’m already irritated by the extra week added at the front and back of the cycle. My clock automatically changes the time so I don’t have to worry about it. Except that it was programmed on the Old dates and there is no way to change it. End result for me – I have to change it 4 times per year instead of twice; once to keep it from changing a week earlier and then once to change it to the correct time. The newer versions of my clock will compensate for this governmental foolishness but my older version is Manual Only.

Pedestrians More Likely to Die During Daylight Savings Time Change:


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  1. >Don’t get me started! The time changed in Britain at the usual time, right before I came over, but not in the US. So I landed too late to catch the 9:30 bus. There is no 10:30 bus, so I got the 11:30 bus, which arrived in Providence at one in the morning. There are no cabs at one in the morning. So I called one, but they forgot me for 45 minutes.Thanks to the greens, I spent hours alone in the cold and dark trying to get home. Thanks a lot, greens!

  2. >*LOL*…time is the thing who always mess up everything…:)

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