>Erupting Comet Holmes


Here’s a cool shot from the Astronomy Picture of the Day:

“Explanation: What’s happened to Comet Holmes? A normally docile comet discovered over 100 years ago, Comet 17P/Holmes suddenly became nearly one million times brighter last week, possibly over just a few hours. In astronomical terms, the comet brightened from magnitude 17, only visible through a good telescope, to magnitude 3, becoming visible with the unaided eye.”

I searched for Comets and found that they are the Bad Boys of Astronomy.
They have been blamed for everything from the Demise of the Dinosaurs, War, Pestilence and Fall of Nations to the last Ice Age.

On the Bright Side, some people believe that a Comet was actually The Star of Bethlehem.
A Telescopic View of Erupting Comet Holmes

UPDATE: It’s getting Brighter.


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  2. >I blame Global Warming.Is there anything it can’t do?

  3. >They cause an ice age AND make a fairly passable abrasive cleansing agent. Comets ARE quite remarkable. ANYWAY, it took me a little bit to determine exactly how I was going to comment here. Mostly because I’m slow and don’t have very good cognitive skills. ;)I’m commenting here because I’m looking for someone in Idaho to visit my blog. Yep, that’s it.I’ve been fortunate enough to have folks from nearly all 50 states to visit…er, well, I guess since I’m seven short I should say most of the states.SO, if you’re willing and don’t think that I’m pullin’ your leg, please click through my profile and drop by Random Statements for a minute or so!{I used to visit Boise every year…my grandparents lived there and used to have a cabin up near McCall… 🙂 }Thanks!

  4. >I think my pic is more beautiful … think You might like the music as well … IT IS SWEDEN IN THE DARK 🙂

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