>Students Sport Holsters on Campus

>Students Strap On Empty Holsters to Protest Gun Restrictions on Campus:


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  1. >I have learned my lesson … I will not even “think” upon this article, due to that we actually come from different worlds, when it comes to how we view human lives and children/weapon.But, still … You Geezer is one of the most sensual awared men I have “meet” online ;-)Strange … isn’t it :-)Thank You for the comment upon MuseArt !!!I am looking forward to Your next creation there !!!(( hugs ))

  2. >Thanks for Your answer!*lol*I did try once to show an other opinion. But, learned that if You have a different opinion than American guys … You will be called stupid. In Europe we think that different opinions are good stuff for human development. And IF we never meet others different thinking we will stay put in a Neanderthaler situation *lol* … not meaning that You are there. But, If we don’t share thoughts and belives … why not ask … “Interesting, explain how You came to that conclusion” … instead of regard others as stupid … or simply kill them by their ancles ;-)Hope everyone around San Diego will find it less hot now, when the fires has calmed down. I have been to San Diego as a speaker at a conference … guess it does not look the same as in 2002, anymore :-(As a person whom have lost home and identity in a house-fire … I really, really feel for those without their home, photos, records and yes … all that stuff that is evidence of our existens … until we have build us a “new” identity. I don’t think meanstreamers understand what it means to lose a home in fire, bombs or catrina’s.Have a nice weekend my friend!

  3. >I guess with the state of American education people just cannot read those Gun Free Zone signs. That or they are such cowards that they do not want face armed citizens who will shoot their asses off of their shoulders. As for the commenter who is afraid to voice an opinion because they do not want to be called stupid I say do some research and find out why Americans know that their very freedom is threatened by those who would take away their constitutional right to bear arms. A responsible armed citizen is a criminal’s worst nightmare. Criminals like Hitler passed laws to disarm the citizens so his small minority of fellow criminals could take over. Do another fifty million people have to die because an elite minority can take over? I say enjoy your freedom but be ready to defend it. I am not going to call you stupid just uninformed.

  4. >Retured Geezer:Man of Substance andSensual Awared Man

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