>Latrine Duty

>In a scene from Dumb and Dumber, Geezer entertains the troops on a recent Elk Hunting trip.

Isn’t it some sort of Fashion Faux Pax to wear 4 different kinds of Camo?



Seclusion 3D…

US Army…

Just sayin’.


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  1. >I thought after Labor Day you were only allowed to wear 2 camos at one time.

  2. >You should make your own gilly suit. That would be totally bad ass. The elk would be like “WTF?” “I’m dying here and all I see is a pile of twigs and grass shape like an old guy.”

  3. >lol, DBS…Heyyyy…. Old Guy?*pouts*

  4. >Hey Geezer I went through Idaho on my way to visit my sister in Oregon this summer. (yea I took the scenic route plus I have gotten to hate libtard California) I was so impressed I want to move there but with no friends or family in the state. I guess it is just a dream. I am on disability retirement and my days of being a rugged individualist adventurer are pretty much over. Just another retired geezer who enjoyed his younger days and is looking forward to heaven while doing my best to stay as active as I can.

  5. >My daughter and her boyfriend are fleeing California. They like Idaho.But they haven’t seen the snow yet.

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