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Saw this on the news.
Even I was impressed with how cute the baby is.

“BOISE – Greg and Margi Nettles are big Bronco fans, and at the Fiesta Bowl in the heat of all the excitement – a very pregnant Margi made a promise: if the Broncos could pull out a win, she would name her new baby after the game’s MVP. It was a promise she stuck to.”

They named the baby “Tadman” after Marty Tadman, one of the MVPs of the Fiesta Bowl.

Gary Salzman of KTVB took the photos.

Bronco talks about baby named for him:


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  1. >Cute. I haven’t heard of any babies named “Eckstein” here in STL.

  2. >He should introduce EVERY girlfriend to his parents so that they show that picture in the hopes of “embarssing” him with “baby pic’s” only it will backfire on his parents, and he will be a pooter powerhouse, with those big blue eyes, and these adorable pictures, showing his “sweet side.”That kid is gonna be a jackhammer by age 19, if he plays his cards right.

  3. >My heart is melt away like ice creme a hot summer day …so cute…:-)))

  4. >We have neighborhood boys named Dakota, Daytona, and Kodiak. Two of the three fathers have mullets. The other one has a big beard. I’ll bet you can figure it out. There’s also a girl named Dakota.

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