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Monster Zucchinis invaded our garden this year.

Either that or they are replacement Pods, like in that movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


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  1. >we had those invade our plot this summer too… zucchini bread I guess. I’d better get out and do some serious chukar hunting though, otherwise I’ll weigh 300 lbs if I start eating that stuff.toms weren’t as good as last year, but the cantaloupes were better, so were the beans, raspberries, watermelons. apples, peaches, beans, and onions were all good too.

  2. >Dang, Bill, you had a serious Garden!We didn’t plant all that much this year. Tomatoes did good, as well as onions and garlic but most of that was volunteers. Oh and the Basil that she planted by the front door so she could snatch a handful when she walked by.Never been Chukar hunting but I heard that the first time you go it’s Sport, the second time you go it’s Revenge.

  3. >Hi PJ & Doc,You two look great! IDEEEEHO is working for you! Send me some of that zucchini bread ok? Can’t believe how easy it was to find you. You have been on my mind forever. PJ, aka, Mrs Geezer, email me so we can catch up, I miss you.Liselda ~ lreising@cox.net

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