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Here’s my obligatory Halo 3 release post.

I went to the Hastings store in Meridian, Idaho for the Halo 2 Tournament. I’ve never played it online so I wasn’t sure what it would be like.
I was pleasantly surprised to see someone there in a full-on Halo costume. It was very impressive, especially since I found out he made it himself out of paper!

The kid had a great outfit with an authentic looking Battle Rifle and Sword. Good thing he lives in Idaho, he might have had a problem if he lived in New York or California. He was there with his Grandmother and friend.

As far as my success in the tournament… I didn’t actually enter but I played with three other guys after the real tournament was over.

I knew I sucked at the game but my score was pathetic. I ended up with a negative score because I made a wrong turn and walked off a ledge into space.

Oh well, it was fun.

UPDATE: I drove about 2 miles to Wal*Mart and stood in line with only about 15 other geeks. 30 minutes later, I was out the door with my Special Edition. They have about 135 games left.
Oh, I almost forgot, I got a Halo Dogtag for standing in line.

Graphics are very good.


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  1. >That costume is pretty sweet looking.

  2. >Yeah, hard to believe he made it out of paper.It took him 2 weeks.I bet he wears it for Halloween.

  3. >Looks like I’m gonna have to get this game & xbox live so we can play “Cops & Robbers”.

  4. >I want toooooooooo…:-)))

  5. >The last video game I ever really played was Doom 2. That was before the dark times. Before the wife.

  6. >Eddiebear, get a Wii, your wife will love it… so will your in-laws.

  7. >the br that he has all it is is a spray painted sniper rifle that nerf came up with its called the long shot ha its very easy to tell from the bolt on the side to cock the gun

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