>Shooting Safety Tip

>Now is the time of year when most Retrosexual Men are sighting in their Deer Rifles.)

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Something is wrong with this picture.

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Be sure to remove the Laser Bore Sighting Device before your first shot.

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  1. >Holy shit Geezer! For a second I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking at then it hit me and I laughed out loud in this boneyard of a workplace.That right there is some funny.Anyone you know?

  2. >Nobody I know, it was emailed to me.There was also a picture of the guy being hauled away on a stretcher.I’m wondering how far away the bore sighter flew.I bet, it actually didn’t go very far.

  3. >I don’t know about if this is real. Sure mythbusters had a thing, but even if something did happen like this, it strikes me that the barrel, if it did split like that it would have been more likely to follow the lines of rifling.Even if it didn’t, it seems that the barrel would be shaped more like a gourd than a funnel, since the pressure is greatest at the base of the projectile.Maybe most of the story is true, and the rifle got screwed, so someone decided to take it a step further, but hey, I guess it COULD happen.

  4. >Look on the bright side: the owner gets to pick out a brand new hunting weapon – next season, after he gets out of the hospital.

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