>Photogenic Porta Potties

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Years ago, the Porta Potty company allowed people to ‘Adopt’ a unit and paint it.

We went to the Boise Art in the Park event last week and I saw them again.

Some of the creations are great.

You have to exercise discretion when taking photos like this.

You don’t want to be caught taking a picture of some Big Dude emerging from a toilet.

This whole post reminds me of the Funniest Thing I Ever Read.


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  1. >Raise your hand if you knew where that link was gonna go before you got there…

  2. >I had to disguise it with a TinyURL.Heh.I’m envious that you got to meet Ace and the other morons.How did you like the Paul Anka backstage pass?

  3. >It was a tad loud in there (especially as the evening wore on), so I’m not entirely sure who-all I met. They forgot Ace’s reservation, so we had to share a room with a drunken college birthday party, which confused it further. But it was fun, and everybody looked more presentable and had better social skills than one could expect.

  4. >love em.. I especially am fond of the parrot perched with the waterfall. Thx for the look.

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