>Dog Day Afternoon

>We took the puppy to the Boise Art in the Park Festival because she needs some Socialization.
Living out in the country, she never sees any other dogs.
We knew there would be plenty of people and dogs in the park.

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She was especially curious about the Violin.

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It was Sensory Overload.

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Ready for a nap.

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  1. >Most of the kids asked permission before petting the puppy. I thought that was a good thing for their parents to teach them and told them so.

  2. >Most kids ‘try’ to ask permission to pet our golden, Tackle. They usually only get to “Is it alright if…” before he jerks on the leash to get close and rubs up against them with his head, while wagging his tail so hard it looks painful. He’s never met a stranger.

  3. >She certainly looks like a classy young lady. Too bad you can’t bring her with you to Ohio for a play-date with Tackle.

  4. >Anyone who knows dogs at all, knows to always address the alpha.ALWAYS, before approaching the pack.Beautiful pooch!

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