>Name That Flower

>click for photo
I noticed this flower in the garden yesterday.

You might be surprised to discover what it is.

You can leave your guesses in the comments.

If you have a Green Thumb, you won’t need to look at this clue.

If you can’t figure it out, here is the answer.


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  1. >I’m guessing thistle, which I only know about because it’s the national flower of Scotland.No, I did not look at the hint.

  2. >You guys are both close.It’s a pokey kinda plant.Go look at the hints.

  3. >I guess I could get cute and say that you’ve *all* seen it but probably not in bloom.

  4. >Heck, maybe it’s not easy to figure out with those hints, after all.Maybe it’s an Idaho thing.Here’s another hint.You boil them and when they get soft you peel off the petals and dip them in mayonnaise and eat them.It’s an artichoke.

  5. >I thought it was a thistle, too.Congrats on your appointment as Minister of the Environment, at Mitchieville!

  6. >Thanks, dmorris, I ran on the platform of Free Artichokes for all.

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