>Brutus Stabs Himself – Et tu, Brute?

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Maybe it’s just Colorado actors…

“Julius Caesar lay dead and Brutus was talking to his co-conspirators about swords and blood when he paused and excused himself, saying ‘I seem to have stabbed myself.’ Aspen actor/director Kent Hudson Reed accidently cut his leg open with the knife he was using in an outdoor performance of ‘Scenes From Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar’ on Wednesday.”

OK, doesn’t that 3-part name seem a little pretentious ?
C’mon if Orson Wells and Robert Duvall can make it with 2 names, I think Kent Reed could.

In fact, some people are able to make quite a career out of just 1 name; Penn, Teller, Cantinflas.

I’m not sure about Bono, Beyonce and Bjork, though.
I have my doubts about Yanni, Moby and Liberace too.
I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Keep sharp objects away from Actors:


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  1. >”The first cut is the deepest.”Now I’m embarrassed to admit that I go by Skinbad Sinjin Smyth.

  2. >All three names seems to be a popular theme for assassins/murderers too.

  3. >^Yeah, don’t name your kid “Bono Beyonce Bjork”. He’ll probably turn out to be an assassin.Or an asshole at the very least.

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