>Mrs. Idaho America and the Rattlesnake

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Fortunately she is a registered nurse.

Mrs. Tennessee was bitten by a rattlesnake on the way to rehearsals for the Mrs. America pageant — and was treated on the scene by one of her competitors for the crown, registered nurse Mrs. Idaho, according to The Tennessean newspaper.

Fox News – Mrs. Tennessee America bitten by Rattlesnake saved by Mrs. Idaho.

I’m proud to say she live in my hometown. She looks great for being 37.

Here’s her Blog


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  1. >She looks great for being 37.Yeah, cause that’s so ancient.(hissss, fftttt!)

  2. >Subsequent comments are okay, though.

  3. >Sorry to bring the bad news but it was Mrs. Iowa who pulled out the fang. The meda got it all wrong.

  4. >CL was right, the story was changed to Mrs. Iowa.Thanks for the update.

  5. >OK So what it wasn’t Mrs. Idaho.You know Idaho Still Rocks.Her is her blog information and her are a few of the blogs running Mrs. Idaho this year.www.mrsidahoamerica2007.blogspot.comMisty Andersonwww.mrsadacounty.blogspot.comAlishia jones Mrs. Nampa http://www.alishiamrsnampa.blogspot.com Jill Knappwww.getupandgetmoving.netGood Luck Ladies.

  6. >The Media got it wrong!!!Color me Surprised.Not

  7. >Yes they got it wrong. same lady Lauralyn Salinas now almost 40 just competed for Mrs. Idaho International. She did not win this one. In fact she got 4th runner up. It went to someone new.I guess you can only be Mrs. Idaho 1 time.

  8. >You can apply for Mrs. International starting Jan 1st 2010

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