>Seeing the Space Station

>You might be able to see the ISS with the Nekkid Eye.

We did.

Here’s the prediction for the next 5 days for Boise, Idaho:

18 Aug – NW – 21:49
19 Aug – WNW – 22:12
20 Aug – WSW – 22:34
21 Aug – WNW – 21:22
22 Aug – WSW – 21:44

You’ll have to go to the website and register if you want the data for your town.
It’s pretty simple and painless.

Heavens Above


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  1. >Some observations on our observations:Aug 18 – Surprisingly good view, considering it was very cloudy all afternoon.Aug 19 – Got to see Two for the price of one! The Space Shuttle had separated from the ISS and was following about ‘3 fingers’ behind. Very Cool.Aug 20 – Still very light because the sun had just gone down but we were easily able to pick it out of the sky.

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