>We Saw the Space Station

Oh, yeah, we saw it with our Nekkid Eyes !

Mrs. Geezer reminded me that they had reported on the news that you could see the space station at 10:15pm tonight, if you looked to the Northwest.

We went out in the backyard and sure enough, we saw something that looked like a big airplane. I mean that sucker was Bright. It was about 10 times brighter than any star. We kept watching it move quickly towards us.

“That can’t be it, it’s too bright”, she said.

“I don’t think it’s an airplane, it doesn’t have any blinking lights”, I replied.

In a matter of 60 seconds or so, it had passed directly overhead and quickly faded out as it moved to the east and passed into the earth’s shadow.


That was really cool.


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  1. >Didn’t get your email until it was too late. I seem to remember being able to see SkyLab with the naked eye from Texas. That was very cool.

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