>Selecting Your RV Tow Vehicle

>I have a friend in Utah named “Skinbad”. I wonder if this is his rig.

He’s hooked up and ready to fly!! It’s amazing how the extra weight really smoothed out the ride in the SUV. He did have to air up the rear tires a bit (around 160 psi)

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He added some heavy-duty chain for extra support on the tailgate (note that he used the “Heavy-Duty ‘S’ hooks to attach the chain) He also paid-up for some BIG 5/16 sheetmetal screws to attach the frame to the tailgate. Yeah, he knows it’s overkill, but he didn’t want to risk the possibility of having an accident.

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Much of his time was spent on his front porch whittling down that MASSIVE 4×4 board to fit precisely into the ball mount receiver. Also note that he used a 14″ piece of 1×4 to help distribute the load more evenly–“You can’t be too safe, you know!”.
It cost a little more, but you just can’t be too safe when pulling a trailer of this magnitude !!”.

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Look out Utah , cause here he comes !

H/T to Adrienne who sent me the photos and the text.


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  1. >This lesson is on how not to do things seems to totally escape some people. I’d love to see how the trip worked out but I feel confident he ended up in a ravine somewhere wondering why bad things seem to always happen to him.

  2. >If that Blazer towed that thing up any kind of incline Chevy should use it in a commercial.If any cop let that thing pass without pulling him over and asking if he has shit for brains I would be amazed as well.But thanks for the shout-out.

  3. >I guess he has to have his family ride on the hood, just to keep the front end down.

  4. >Who would have guessed that a librarian had engineering skilz like that?

  5. >So, uh, this is the wrong way to haul an RV, right?

  6. >That particular RV is called a 5th Wheel. The 5th wheel, being the hitching point which normally is in a pickup truck bed, directly over the wheels.They are easier to back up than ‘Bumper Pulls’ which are your typical trailers.

  7. >That is what we Engineers call “Southern Engineering” or known by worse phrase that I will not repeat.

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