>Carnival of The Politically Correct

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My Brother-from-a-different-babymomma, The Mayor of Mitchieville, is having a Carnival. I hope they have Cotton Candy:

“It’s time to put on your party hat, for today we celebrate diversity. Today is the day we embrace multiculturalism with a giant tongue kiss. Today is going to be chock full of multiformity. This is a proud day for all the homonormatives, binormatives, transnormatives and beastialnormatives. It’s just not a good day for heteronormatives. Today, The Carnival of the Politically Correct is going to take you on a carbon neutral ride sans the carbon footprint.

I can’t think of any better way to start this most wonderful day off than with a song. Step inside the drum circle and let’s sing along with Alice the Camel. Alice loves love and loves loving love as much as anyone I have ever known. Please, Alice, lead us in song, give us a few bars of

‘Non-Confrontation Hymn of the Republic’

I have seen Godself’s reflection in Mohammed’s Thousand Names,
And the Buddhist and the Hindu Godselves really are the same –
So don’t try to be Godselfish and put down your old King James –
Godself is marching on…

Isn’t that lovely? And keep in mind, as I’ve said before, it’s okay to talk and sing about God, as long as it’s not the Christian God. “

There is much, much more at Mitchieville. Go have a look: Mitchieville: Carnival Of The Politically Correct:


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