>Woman Killed in Fireworks Mishap

>Four or five years ago, Mrs. Geezer was injured by the same type of explosive at a neighborhood fireworks party. It involved one of those ‘mortars’ that shoot a charge up into the air where it explodes in a starburst pattern. The teenagers lit it and ran away but it fell over and pointed at all of us sitting on chairs in the driveway. We were 20 yards away but when it went off, it shot the projectile at us in a millisecond. It hit Mrs. G in the shoulder, bounced off and exploded, setting the blankets on fire. It could have easily hit her in the eye.

We don’t go to amateur fireworks parties anymore.

Woman Killed in Fireworks Mishap:


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  1. >I realize this is a generalization but it seems to me otherwise rational people seem to lose their common sense when it comes to fireworks. Last night I saw commercial fireworks being launched from the parking lot of an apartment complex, little kids running around all over the place.

  2. >Some people are really stupid with fireworks. There was a site that had a story about fireworks, and someone linked a picture of a guy’s hand that had a firework go off in…still getting chills.

  3. >We had a close call over vacation. Not with our fireworks–I didn’t buy any–but the neighbors being stupid and careless.

  4. >I guess it’s a true story.A guy I was “friends” with in the Marine Corps. Not really he was fun and funny and always good for a laugh, sorta the way some people view wickedpinto.Anyways had a sideline as a pyro guy in upstate newyork, and my buddy’s summer job was setting up pyro for displays with his big brother (30 years older)He told a story about how while setting things up, he made a mistake, and he ran out into the field after stuff started, his brother kicked the crap out of him for doing it, but it wasn’t necessary, because he sat only a few meters away from the mortars as they were being triggered, and he said he just kept digging his face into the dirt, and lowcrawling towards his big bro between each trigger.I can’t recall correctly, but I think he said he pissed himself.Just saying.He was a balls out Marine in the bay, a piece of crap in the field, but he was one smart mofaku, not to mention hillarious.If anyone ever meets someone named “james” who was in the marines, ask him about his chicken foot. If they start to tell SEVERAL stories? thats him.

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