>Geezers Embrace Wax

>Dave in Texas assures me that getting a Paraffin Treatment isn’t ghey.


He finally convinced us to try the Dark Side of the Force WAX.

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We left it in the box at first. It’s good for horses hooves.

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Spudder doesn’t appear too willing.

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The 23 year-old cat is used to this kind of crap from us.

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The dog (not LauraW’s dog) liked it fine.

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Quote from Mrs. Geezer “Ewwww, she licked me on my teeth”.


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  1. >I’m going to report you to PETA.

  2. >Funny. Would have even been funnier if the horse would have stomped it.

  3. >The thought crossed my mind.Our dipper doesn’t go up to 11.*kicks dirt*I think they only sell those in Texas.

  4. >Hilarious.We need to start a Parrifin Dipper Thingy Around The World phenomenon. Like people did with that stupid troll.At the Great Wall of China, The Kremlin, DinT’s back yard, Wickepinto’s um er…

  5. >That thing would make a great heated chamber pot for those cold winter nights.

  6. >Have any of the HUMANS on your farm tried it yet?

  7. >Happy Independence Day!!!

  8. >Theres no going back…

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