>Decisions: Buy a Dog or Have Kids?


Life is full of choices.

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  1. >Better yet, buy something for the squirrel in your life.

  2. >What boring life would be without any of them! I won’t chose or change :-DNice Weekend

  3. >Go with the dog. You can always sell the dog, not so much with kids.

  4. >Chromatella sending up nice big new leaves for you? It should be growing like gangbusters now that it’s in real dirt.

  5. >have you ever Googled the name of a guy your daughter just gave as the new “interest” she’s seeing…and the first four hits are NHL fight videos?Happy Father’s Day everyone.

  6. >Better than finding his mug shot on the Smoking Gun website.;-)

  7. >Thanks for the laughs, RG.Happy Father’s Day to you.

  8. >Bill:Or if he shows up on “Cops”

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