>PBR Tonight

>Mrs. Geezer told me “I’m kidnapping you Friday night, be home at 4pm”.
I was there, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. She had laid out my costume clothing for the night. When I saw that it included my Snakeskin Cowboy Boots, I knew we weren’t going to play racquetball.

It was a lot of fun. We can watch it again on TV tomorrow night.


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  1. >I gots to know.Don’t leave me hanging.

  2. >Mrs. G took me to the Professional Bull Riders competition in Nampa. You can watch it on the Vs channel on satellite all weekend.I should have posted a picture of my Snakeskin boots. Do you know why Real Cowboys wear ball caps? They don’t want anybody to think they’re Truckers.

  3. >Durn,I thought you were talking about a cow tipping contest. But then, eight seconds would be a long time.If it takes more than four seconds to tip a cow, you’re doing something wrong.

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