>Montana Says No to Real ID

>Our spunky neighbors to the east take a stand.

“HELENA – Gov. Brian Schweitzer said ‘no, nope, no way, hell no’ Tuesday to national driver’s licenses, signing into law a bill supporters say is one of the strongest rejections to the federal plan.

Governor signs bill defying U.S. ID law:


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  1. >So long as Montana isn’t giving it’s official IDs to folks who aren’t official Americans, I say good for them, but I hope the Feds come down like a ton of bricks on the states like Oregon who are officially pretending that the illegals are just fine citizens, and give them so much help that it is bleeding the rest of the state dry.It’s not really a “Federal Driver’s License”, R/G, the Feds have simply set down the minimum requirements for applicants to get state licenses and ID, and backed up those requirements with a statement that states not meeting those requirements won’t be allowed to have their license holders use the licenses for any federally-controlled transactions (boarding aircraft, and financial stuff when there is a requirement to be ID’d).This is NOT a “National ID”, and is actually part of a rather skimpy effort to keep us safe by limiting the number of folks from elsewhere who may try to pretend that they are citizens.We have the loosest identification requirements in the entire world right now (save for a few REALLY poor nations whose peoples don’t read and write), and THAT is gonna jump up and bite us in the butt any day now. Actually, already did. 9-11-01 I believe.This isn’t the scary-Fed story it’s been made out to be, and it would actually have a large benefit: it would make the usual Democratic Party voter fraud much tougher and a thing of the past.The right-wing angst for this issue is our side’s Kool-Aid, R/G.Rivrdog

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