>Horsey Farewell

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Many of you have seen pictures of Hunter, the 4 year old gelding.

We raised him since he was hours old.

Here he is with his mama, Bonnet, he’s probably a couple of days old in this photo.

We don’t get a chance to ride as much as we would like to so we decided to thin out our herd.

Robert, our Farrier, had expressed an interest in him so we worked out a trade.

Here’s Mrs. Geezer, saying bye.

He turned into a good looking horse, didn’t he?

I think he’ll be happier but I’m sure he will miss his sister, click for photoPeaches.

She is 2 years younger than he is.

Here is her baby picture. That’s her mama, Bonnet, nudging her along.

Happy Trails.


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  1. >Precious. How can you give him up? Wont’ you worry about him?

  2. >He’s only 2 miles away so we can see him when we want. We’re real proud of the progress he has made. He’s a confident, brave horse. We decided (in our advanced years), that we wanted some dead-broke horses that would still gallop and trot but would be a little more gentle.;-)

  3. >He’s beautiful. They both are. Well done on producing a sound, confident mount that will be enjoyable for his new owners.

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